Yesterday marked 14 days since our little Naomi joined our family! Although it has only been 2 weeks, it feels like she’s been with us for so much longer. If you didn’t know before, her name is Naomi, that is her name her birth mother gave her and we are choosing to leave her name as her birth name. She answers to it, it is what she knows and we think it is just so much more confusing to change her name this late in the game. Now that doesn’t mean she doesn’t develop a nick name, for instance Maddie calls her Wyoming and Bryce calls her Meomi. That’s what happens when you are in this family, you get nick named, lol!  

A lot of you are curious on how Maddie is taking being an older sister and just coping with not being the only girl.

For the most part Maddie has done beautifully with sharing her toys, room, Mommy & Daddy and has done great helping to teach her the ropes & rules. The hard thing for Maddie (with having Autism) is to have someone want to be with you all the time or in your personal space. When Maddie’s personal space bubble is much larger than you and I’s! Another hard thing for Maddie is transitioning from school to home to Naomi being excited for them to start playing together in the afternoon.

Two things that I have done and implemented are:

1) Maddie is aloud to go in my room, with the door closed, have a snack and watch her favorite episode of Daniel Tiger. This is Maddie’s quiet time/transition time, where she is coming down from the big day of having to focus and listen at school, to now someone wanting her to play.

2) Explaining to Naomi that it is ok if Maddie doesn’t want to play with you, right now. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to play with you ever, it just means right now she needs her own time and that is ok. When Maddie is ready to play, she will let you know and she has done great!

When never having to grow up along side a kid with special needs, she has been really good about understanding and giving Madison her space. Now that doesn’t mean I haven’t had to give a few reminders about giving Madison her space but, we are coming along beautifully for this being day 15!

One thing they l-o-v-e to do together is be outside and play.

Play sand.



Go on Walks.

Play mud pies.

Drive the Power Wheels together, the list goes on…

Bryce is always my big helper boy when it comes to helping me with Maddie, he knows what she needs and how to help calm her down when needed. Bryce is such a good big brother to both these girls and Naomi adores him!

Their two favorite activities after dinner are going outside, playing sand & driving the Power Wheels.

It’s cute to see them two zipping all over the yard, laughing and having a great old time. The sisterly love is building and it is beautiful.

Two weeks since out “gotcha-date” and we are going strong, we’ve had to experience out first time-outs, seeing what we can get away with, etc., but that’s ok-it’s all a part of being a family! 🙂


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