Yesterday after church, Jer and I dropped off the kids and my Mom at the house so we could go on a day date!

The benefits of a day date if you are like us and pretty much fall as sleep when the sun goes down (we are early risers) is that you still get home when it is light outside, haha, you can put the kids to bed and pack a few things in on the day date with out it getting too late. 

Once we hit the road and headed West to the big city, I started making my shopping list because before we head home we needed to hit up the grocery store.

The first thing we were going to do was get something to eat, we were both super hungry and we decided on a restaurant called Cheddar’s.

When ever we pass by this restaurant it is always packed, so since we had no kids we wanted to see what the hype was all about!

Jer wanted to get an appetizer and of course we settled on cheese fries, I mean…who doesn’t like cheese fries!?!! 

Then Jer ordered steak & ribs, and I ordered a 1/2 sand., 1/2 soup combo, I wasn’t really hungry after the fries, but I ate my soup and brought the sandwich home for my Brycee-Boy. 

Next stop was the mall! 

Jarret’s absolute favorite time of the year at See’s Candy is Easter, he L-O-V-Es the Bordeaux Easter Eggs and they only sell them, obviously during Easter. We also put a few things in their for the kiddos Easter baskets and I might of added something in their too that is not pictured. 

Another ah-mazing thing in this picture are my new Sketchers Go Walks 3, goga-mat technology slip ons. These shoes are so comfortable they are like walking on clouds and they are nice to throw on with a pair of jeans and you don’t feel like you are wearing your gym shoes around.

The guy at the register told me are you sure you don’t want to pick out another pair in a different color…? 

Me: No I’m good.

Him: These are your first pair aren’t they?

Me: Yeah…

Him: Well once you wear these for a day, you’ll be back, everyone is because how comfortable they are, they come back to get different colors.

My response now would be…yep I will be back because I want them in every color, so comfortable with out wearing a big gym shoe!!!! Love…

Last but not least we went to go see Allegiant before hitting up the grocery store!

I love the whole Divergent series and I loved this movie, I think Allegiant was better than the second movie Insurgent; that’s my opinion though.

When the movie was over it was back to reality, grocery shopping, and back home to see the kiddos and get ready for the week ahead. 

The Sunday “day-date” was perfect for Mommy and Daddy to recharge their parental batteries and spend some quality time together we both enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next one!!!

Have a great Monday friends and fam!  


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