It’s Monday and we are all reeling from sugar overload and back to our regularly scheduled programs!!! I spent a good chunk of my morning saying no to these little faces asking for more chocolate and if we are going to have another Easter egg hunt after school, lol!

These kiddos thoroughly enjoyed every minute of their Easter, let me bring you along…

The kids and I started the morning by picking up my Mom and going to our local Catholic Church. 

Everyone was dressed in their Easter dresses and Brycee-boy was looking sharp in his new button up shirt, all from Tia Riley!

When we got home from church I let the kiddos open their baskets from the Easter bunny. I wasn’t about to let the kids dig into all that candy before church and be all hyper sitting there, they don’t need any extra help in that department! 

Maddie and her basket!

No-Me and her basket!

Bumper and his big-boy-bag!

Daddy and his girls watching Maddie’s new movie and this was the best pic, although Jer has a forced cheese face, haha!

Uncle Ty enjoying watching the kids run across the yard looking for the eggs he and Mahalia hid.

Bubble blowers are always a hit! 

It would of been even better if it wasn’t so cold outside!!!

For dessert we had a Coconut Bundt Cake I made earlier that morning, the recipe is from Mix and Match Mama and let me just tell you…it is out of this world!!!

This is a must, for sure.

Jer doing the Daddy duty of helping the kids open their Easter eggs. Thanks Jer!

This Easter was extra special since we had our new addition with us, it made everything that much sweeter…

I hope everyone of you had an Awesome Easter and are having a productive Monday.

Talk to ya soon,


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