The months and months of waiting finally came to an end when our new daughter arrived in the early evening. It was a long day of travel for her and a day for us that felt like forever. The first ones to meet her were Bryce and I, Jer was in the barn milking and my Mom was picking Maddie up from cheer camp practice. 

She was shy, scared and nervous…which is to be expected, we were strangers! I’ve talked with her via Skype and she has seen pictures of all of us through a photo book I made for her of our family. Bryce went and got Jer from the barn and a little bit later Maddie showed up. The kids were so excited to finally meet her and I could see she was too, but trying not to let her smile show. 

After we all ate dinner, the kids went to the living room to watch Paw Patrol and Jer and I had to take care of business with the social worker. While we were taking care of all the legal stuff, we could hear them getting along just great. Bryce was such a good big brother and mommy’s helper last night, he has such a big caring heart, I love that boy! 

The kids really helped with getting her to come out of her shell, she didn’t talk too much to us, but she felt comfortable to talk to Bryce with what she needed and she enjoyed playing with Maddie! 

We ended the night with baths, new pajamas, story time, then off to their respective beds. I honestly didn’t know how bed time would be since she was use to sleeping with someone and here my kids sleep in their own beds. There was times where they both needed to go to the potty and then needed water but after that I didn’t hear a peep all night. 

Bryce and I usually end the night by watching a show together in my bed, usually Fixer Upper, Rehab Addict or Chopped…last night was the new episode of Fixer Upper, then it was time for him to go to sleep.

All in all the first night went pretty well! Today is our first full day with her and I can’t wait to see what the day holds!

Thank you for all the support and kind words, you know who you all are! 🙂 


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