The kids and I have been enjoying our long spring break weekend. Yes, I said spring break weekend!?! Here at our little school we only get Friday & Monday off and of course Saturday & Sunday, which makes for a long weekend. Hence the name spring break weekend! 
I wanted to make sure I did something with the kids each day to celebrate, but at the same time, I’ve been getting ready for our new daughter to arrive very, very soon! Jer’s been busy on the dairy as well, getting things accomplished before the 3 days of rain that’s coming our way!


I took the kids to see Zootopia, which I highly recommend by the way! The movie was so cute and enjoyable for all ages, even the parents!


My Mom and I took the kids to our little park here in town. As you can see we were both all wearing short sleeve t-shirts, Bryce was even in a tank it was that nice out!

Then my Mom left us at the park and took my car over to Ty’s house, which is only two streets over, she needed to do a few things. The kids still wanted to play, so when we were all done we walked over to Ty’s…we all enjoyed the warmer temps and the sun on our skin!

In the afternoon the kids played sand table and barbecues hamburgers for dinner, it really was a beautiful day!


After morning milking the guys needed to do some preg checking. Jer is our resident vet and Ty is the tech, and Bryce is the boss!

Bryce was running the shoot, which requires a lot of moving pieces, but he does a great job…and he should since he has grown up around the shoots since he was a little baby!

My Dad delegating from the background and helping with gates. He is at a time in his life where he works the gates in the allies. If you are experienced with working cattle through shoots or allies then you know the guys in the allies are an important moving piece in the operation.

On Sunday afternoon Jer and I spent some special time with our not so little Bryce or we like to call “Bumper”! Ty gave him the nickname of Bumper because he is just like a big bull in a china shop always bumping into things and now everyone calls him Bumper.

Let me first start by saying Bumper loves Chinese food and I needed to go to the mall to get some little things for the girls. So we started by eating in the food court, then everyone could get what they want and finished by going to a few stores and just having some nice one-on-one time with our little baby boy!

Let me state, I will always be in denial of how old our Bumper is, this year he will be 10…what double digits, NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Now it’s Monday, the kids are still off of school today and I am not quite sure what is on the agenda yet. It will have a lot to do with how the weather shapes out, today is yet to be written!

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