Lets talk about the fun part first shall we!!?!

Our little girl is almost here, yay-yay-yay!!! This process seems like it has taken so long….but now the days are so close, the count down is on, 5 more days! Hurry, count forward 5 days, lol 🙂

So there are a lot of things about her that are private for her security, our and some we are not comfortable putting out there but, I promise you, you so will be along on this journey with us!

To start out she is 3 1/2 yrs old, her ethnicity is Mexican and Caucasian just like us, loves food (just like us), is more than half way potty trained ( the seed has been planted, YES!),  beautiful little smile and she is just going to fit right in. Maddie and Little Pumpkin will share a room, which means I need to finish painting today, yikes, add that to the to do list!?!

Yesterday was the first day I actually went out and started buying things for her! It was so much fun and cute because I got some matching pajamas for the girls, a car seat and a few other little things. Luckily I saved a whole bunch of Maddie’s clothes which are size 4 and 5, so now I need to wash them and get them back in the dresser.

My Count Down To Do List:

1. Finish Painting the girl’s room.

2. Was all size 4/5 that I have from Maddie.

3. Put the girl’s room back together.

4. Go to Lowe’s and get new light fixture for their room.

5. Organize Maddie’s closet and put things unused away.

6. Hang television, pictures and finishing touches.

Those are my main things I want completed before she gets here, we also want to change out the window and door but if I don’t get to that till later that’s fine!


Now I want to share about that little inner voice we all have, sometimes we follow it and sometimes we ignore it because it means change, and change is scary! 

At the end of 2015 my inner voice was telling me I needed to pull back from trying to expand my blog, create more content, film more videos and adding more and more to my list of things I wanted to accomplish online in the blogging world and YouTube. As hard as that was and how hard I fought that inner voice, it was true. At this point in my life I need to focus on being a Stay at Home Mom, making our house a home, cooking for my tribe (my passion), being there for Jarret and keeping our relationship strong, focusing on my mental & physical health journey, helping out on the farm where I can and taking care of the dairy business part. 

My plate is full as it is, so to add more stuff right now while we are building our dairy business back up, not to mention being there for all my kids who need me the most,  taking care of my own self and now having a little one at home during the day was just too much! 

I’m type A, I’m a control freak that likes things done a certain way so I rather do it myself and I always have a million and one things I want accomplished and I want to do it all myself. Fun right…try being in my head, haha! No on wins in that game!

So if you think I am giving up blogging… it’s actually the opposite, I am planning on posting 3 days a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, my blogging with be more intentional. Instead of quantity over quality it will be reverse, quality over quantity. My blog is my creative outlet, I worked too dam long on my little slice of the internet to give it up, I am just going to be blogging with more intention.

One of my new favorite things is listening to podcasts, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey is just to name one, she was interviewing Korie Robertson. I think we all know her from Duck Dynasty, she was on to talk about fostering to adopt and many other things and we were right in the thick of paperworks, home inspectionsc etc. A quote she said really resignated with me, she said:

“You can be everything you want, just not all at once.”

You can listen to that podcast here!

While I was listening to those words and hearing them reiterate that statement made tears well up in my eyes because it was just what I needed to hear. It was the confirmation I needed to hear, it was ok. It doesn’t mean I will never do it, just not right now. My kids, my husband, my family, our new little girl and myself, need me the most right now and you know what…it is okay!

After I heard, digested and started to implement it, it was like the weight of the world was being lifted off my shoulders. Nobody put that weight on my shoulders except me. I needed to learn to set boundaries and also learn to say NO to things. My Happiness is what’s the most important because, if Momma not happy, no ones happy right!?

To round it out, I am still going to be here sharing with you all our journey in farm life, our new normal, cooking, new fun things, what I am loving right now, etc! I am blogging with more intention not just to get a certain number of posts up!

I hope you still follow along and to see more of my day-to-day life, follow me on instagram here!

You all have a great day and the count down is on!!!


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