This past week and weekend it has been so grey, gloomy and raining! Everything is so muddy and sloppy that the kids haven’t really been able to play outside and we were all, including momma, were getting a little stir crazy!

The sun finally peeked out on Sunday to help round out the weekend and the time change, ooohhhhh that lossed hour was a tough one!

On Sunday when we went grocery shopping, I picked the girls up some playdoh to keep busy. They had so much fun and played for hours, we had a whole box full of little dough cutters, rollers, knives from back in the day with Bryce that I pulled out. There was silence for at least a good hour! 🙂

Bryce had four games this weekend to round out his first season playing basketball! He loved it, it challenged him, kept him focused and busy…I’m going to miss seeing him play! The boys have been practicing since November, so they have all had a good run together. Bryce was sad that the season is ending, most of the kids on his team are going to go on to play baseball, his basketball coach will coach that too. We told Bryce he can play baseball if he wants, he’s not sure yet! 🙂

For the week ahead we are going to be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! Above is where I shared some of my favorite treat ideas for the green themed day.

I love all the treat ideas out there and I have shared a few these past years, including…

My St. Patrick’s Day float!

One of my all time favorites, the Shamrock Shake!

Treat bags for the kid to bring into class!

I also have everything in one area on my Pinterest page, where it is easy to pin your heart away.

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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