First off, let me start by telling you the Midwest winters are COLD and DRY!!! 

I’m sure you all know or could imagine… It also sucks the living life out of your skin if you aren’t moisturizing properly! I am not joking, you know that tight, itchy, stinging feeling of your skin begging for moisture?!? Yeah, regular lotion was just not cutting it anymore…even the high priced creams from the store! You could slather some cream on and as soon as you’d know it, your skin soaked it all up and was begging for more…

Oh and I forgot to mention, Bryce suffers from Eczema and if not properly moisturized, it flares up really quick!!!

So naturally I hopped on Pinterest, like any good mother would do right, and looked for a recipe involving Aquaphor Healing Ointment. Whenever Bryce would have a flare up, the doctor always recommended Aquaphor for him and it always worked great! 

There wasn’t very many but I did come upon, what I am calling the “Ultimate Healing Cream”, the answer to our prayers and plus it is safe to use on Babies!!! 

Before I share the ingredients, I want to show you a picture of Bryce’s elbow area before the “Ultimate Healing Cream” and after one application, just imagine how nice his arms look after multiple applications and prolonged use!?! 

His knees and wrists areas look like this too! 

I purchased the Aveeno Eczema cream that it super expensive for the amount you get and other Organic brands too. I also tried mixing, just in my hand before application, the Honest Company Ointment and baby lotion, but I needed something a little better; I was almost there!

Here is your shopping list: 8oz. Johnson’s Baby Lotion, 4oz. Aquaphor Healing Ointment, & 4oz. All Natural Coconut Oil.

*You can use any lotion you like to use on your baby, I love Johnson’s because it reminds me when my babies were little.

*You can use the Aquaphor for Babies (sold in the baby department) or regular, my kids are older so I used the Adult version.

Maddie was my little helper, she was confused why we were measuring out her lotion, haha!

In a stand mixer or in a bowl with a hand mixer, measure out your lotions, ointment, and coconut oil. 

You can double of triple the recipe but, a little goes a long way!

Set your mixer to medium and let it whip away until it looks like a whipped icing.

-Funny story, my brother walked in and thought I was whipping up a batch of pink icing, lol!

Once whipped to perfection, dispense your “Ultimate Healing Cream” into a container of glass jar. I used a 16oz. mason jar that worked perfect!

Now keep the jar sealed when your not using and enjoy your skin looking AH-MAZING!

Top 3 Reasons Why I Love this Stuff!

1. The whole family loves the Ultimate Healing Cream, even Jarret!

2. It smells Amazing, and inexpensive for the amount you need!

3. It really WORKS, simple as that!!!

Let me know if you try it or if you used different brands of products, I would love to hear!

Happy Moisturizing, 


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