It was Naomi’s 1 month anniversary on April 8th, can you believe it!?!

The time has flown by and we are almost half way to month 2, whaaat!?! I know I am a little late to post about her anniversary and on Fridays I usually share my favorites but this trumped any favorites of mine.

To say that it has been all unicorns and rainbows would not be true, ask any adoptive parent and they will tell you as soon as your child (if not a baby) feels comfortable enough around you they will start to test their boundaries. But the good times have by FAR out weighed any bad behavior! 

Naomi is loving farm life and her new normal, she fits right in!!!

I know she feels comfort in her routine and structure we provide for her and knowing we are always together as a family and support one another.

They told me when she came that they could never get her to take naps! Well she takes a nap like clockwork for me between 12:30 & 1:00 if we are home and she has her special quilt my Grammy Angie sewed her to feel safe & sound!

I have always proclaimed myself the child sleep whisperer, lol!

Some of her faves are riding in the Power Wheels with Maddie!

Playing in the sandbox!

Building Puzzles!


Watching Daniel Tiger!

Playing kitchen with Maddie!

Building Blocks!

She loves to go to the YMCA because she gets to play in the daycare/playroom!


She loves seeing the animals and farm life!!!

One month down and we are all happy, healthy and loving our new normal…I consider month 1 a success!

p to the s – I know a lot of you have questioned why her hair is short. I did not cut it…her hair was this length when she came to us. 🙂 

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