Hi friends…I took a few days off of blogging to reflect on the one year anniversary of Maddie being hospitalized for Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS), that time was such an emotional charged time and I really can’t believe it has been a year. I needed that time to sort out my thoughts and reflect on my feelings, how far she has come and how happy I am with ALL of her progress!

Also in that time I was sorting out what I want out of this blog and the potential of starting another blog on motherhood, raising a good-boy, a micro preemie girl with Autism and now raising an adopted daughter. I feel like I have kids all over the board and have done a-lotta-wrongs and a-lotta-rights.

Other than that it has been business as usual except…on Tuesday I went outlet mall shopping with my girlfriend (haven’t done that in years) and my grandparents from Cali are visiting!!!

The other evening after I put the girls to bed, yes they go to bed at 7:00, I noticed how pretty the “golden hour” was looking!!! Especially now with all the leaves on the trees again.

You know Tuff, he either has to be right by your side or between you and the cows!

See how lush and dense the trees are?!? I guess since all winter of being back in the sticks makes you appreciate the leaves, haha…oh the little things. 

Now that we changed out the old tire swings and made them little wooden swings the kids want to be on the swings 24/7 and the other evening when I was walking around taking “golden hour pics” this has to be my favorite one…

The girls lately either want to be with each other playing or don’t want anything to do with each other…SISTERS…I feel like this is going to be a growing trend! 

Maddie is almost done with her kindergarten year which I can’t believe!?!???

Naomi just had her preschool screening so she can start pre-k in the fall.


Bryce is almost done with 3rd grade and then going into summer school (it’s only for a month) and he wants to go!

Jer and the guys are busy with daily work, chores and planting corn.

Bryce’s first baseball season just started and the coaches and most of the kids are the same from basketball! #smalltownliving

Last but now least, my Papa and Grammy are here and we all couldn’t be more excited for them to come out and see where we live. They can’t believe how green it is?!??

That’s me checking in on life right now and also today if Friday, t.g.i.f., woo-hooo!

Talk to ya soon,


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