April 8, 2016


Hi friends, today is Friday (t.g.i.f.) and I am sharing some more of my current favorites!!!

Today is makeup! You guys know me, I am not huge into glam and have to have a full face of makeup on everyday to feel like myself. I like makeup that enhances your natural beauty and doesn't make it look like you have full on "cake-face"!!!

The look I am showing you above is my typical current going out, errands, meetings, church or just want to feel a tiny glam at home. I don't wear all this makeup everyday if I'm just going to be at home doing chores or hanging out, but I will at least put on mascara so I look semi awake and functional, lol!

Here's the makeup I use to get my go to look, but more importantly you need to make sure you are taking care of your skin. Next week I will be talking about my current skincare routine and new favorites! #musthaves

I know majority of my products I use are by Tarte and there is no particular reason they just make stuff I like. Below I will link to all products, the set and I will link each product in the set individually.

Your favorite Eyelash curler will work, my fave is by Shiseido!

Here's whats in the set!

The Color Clay Bronzer Blush in Pink Bronze, not available individually :(

I know it may seem like a lot but it really isn't and I can do this look really fast.
If I had to pick only 3 things out of this list of must-haves and make it really really must haves it would be hands down the mascara, gimme brow and eyeliner; these are your fail-safes!

I hope you enjoyed see my current faves in the land of makeup, have a great weekend and talk to ya soon friends!

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