Hi friends…I am back sharing some of my Friday Favorites and today is all about my Current Skincare Routine for Spring!

Now you guys all know I am totally into skincare. I’ve been into skincare since waaaaaaayyyy back in like 7th or 8th grade using Clinique’s 3 Step program, to Proactive and then made my way through drug store brands in late high school years and early 20’s. I didn’t really start getting serious about what products I was using and if I was really seeing a difference until my mid 20’s.  

This year I will be 30 and I am LOVING. EVERY. PRODUCT!

Last year around this time I was using nothing but Origins products. This year majority of my skincare routine is Origins still, but 3 weeks ago I introduced some game changers that are from Tarte and one from e.l.f..

Here is my favorite morning skincare routine that has been working wonders for my skin!

The thing I changed up here was using this Face Cleanser from e.l.f.

1. e.l.f. Daily Face Cleanser

2. Origins Original Skin, Renewal Serum

3. Origins Eye Doctor, eye cream

4. Origins GinZing, moisturizer

These products are my favorites for mornings! The cleanser is more like a gel cleanser so it is not super harsh on your skin and if you wash your face before bed there shouldn’t be much to clean!?

Now for the serum I really did see a difference in the overall tone, texture and smoothness of my skin over time and the last time I ran out I didn’t repurchase this serum right away to see if I really needed it. Well it took about a week and I was noticing a difference after I would wash and moisturize, my skin didn’t have that “glowyness” like it use to and wasn’t looking as smooth and radiant anymore. So I repurchased the serum and started using it again and all is well in the world 🙂

All I am going to say is everyone needs a good eye cream, period and Eye Doctor is just that; especially if you like a little thicker eye cream!

Besides the GinZing moisturizer smelling fresh, clean and amazing it does a great job keeping skin hydrated, looking fresh and everyone wants that glowy hydrated look!

Now here is where a lot of the change has happened!!! 

My nighttime skincare routine is waaaayyyy different, mostly due to the Tarte products I introduced and they are game-chang-ers!

1. Clarisonic Mia 2

2. Origin’s Checks and Balances, Face Wash

3. Tarte’s Pure Maracuja Oil

4. Tarte’s Maracuja C-brighter eye treatment

I use to use my Clarisonic in the a.m. and p.m., now I only use it at the end of the day with the blackhead brush. I have always used Checks and Balances as my face wash for years and I love how you only need a tiny bit, so one bottle lasts you forever! Here is the new amazing products that I have been using religiously for about 3 weeks and have seen a H-U-G-E improvement in my skin’s overall texture and hydration levels, it’s Tarte’s Pure Maracuja Oil and Maracuja eye treatment.

My biggest thing was how is putting straight oil on your skin not going to make it more oily?!?? Well I am here to tell you, I have combination/oily skin and after I wash my face at night with my face wash and Clarisonic, I put 3-4 drops of oil on my finger tips and pat all over and gently rub in. When I wake up in the morning, I am not oily one bit! The eye cream by Tarte is also doing wonders for my crows feet around the outside’s of my eyes and I am noticing my under eyes looking a little brighter too!!!

Now I know skincare products can get a little pricey and when you are starting out with a new company you haven’t used before you are a little reluctant to spend when you are not sure. My suggestion is for you to purchase the smallest size they have or sometimes they sell little travel sets where you are able to try before you buy with little out of pocket and always ask for samples. 

Also remember that these products last you for a few months if not longer, so when you divide it out it sounds much more reasonable. 

I love skincare and these products are my absolute favorites right now so I figured this would be the perfect Friday Favorites, I know I would love to read other peoples favorites!


I even filmed a quick video that will be up later today and when it is I will be sure to link it in. After I finished filming (very casual style) I realized I miss filming videos and sharing in that way!!!

Maybe more videos to come… 🙂

Happy Friday Friends and Happy Earth Day,


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