Saturday evening I took the kids to the circus and they loved it!!! We went with Abby (my fellow mommy/gym partner/friend/neighbor) her daughter and her little friend; so five kids all together! Although this was my first time ever being to a circus, sometimes I feel like I have my own traveling circus. 🙂

I know I already said the kids loved it but, they really did! The circus really knows how to keep you entertained, once one act is done another starts up in an area you weren’t paying attention to.

The girls sat on opposite sides of me and both were saying at different times that they wanted to do that, lol! 

Bryce was seating down at the other end keeping my friend’s daughter and her little friend laughing all night with his quick humor and fast talk, oh-boy, Jesus help me… :0

One of my favorite parts was when the elephants came out! Elephants are like the quintessential circus act, whenever you think of circus you think of elephants right?!?

We got home at about 11:15 and we were all spent, even Mama, the kiddos had a blast but were ready for their special pillows and blankies. Jer had Sunday off, so it would of been nice for him to go to church with us but I decided to let all the kids sleep in since we got home so late and good thing I did because we had a few cases of the grumpies!

Like I said, Jer had Sunday off and the only plans we had were going to the grocery store and getting some lunch at the Pizza Hut buffet, that was it!!! 

As you can tell by this guys face everyone was satisfied and happy!!! 🙂

Brycee-Boy loves buffets!

All five of us ate at the all you can eat buffet, with drinks for $22.00, you can’t do that anywhere else!!! Everyone left satisfied and ready for naps.

Maddie and Daddy, the two bonded by glasses! 🙂 

After we ate at Pizza Hut we went grocery shopping at Walmart and Maddie had her Daddy carry her all over the store, while she had her head down on his shoulder and he loved every minute of it!!!

When we came home, the girls took their naps, Bryce and Jer were watching some movies and I read and caught up on my recordings.

Jer and I are always busy constantly working, so sometimes it’s nice to do nothing…absolutely nothing. 


That was our weekend friends, talk to ya soon, 


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