Today is Friday (Woo-hoo), which means I am going to share some of my favorites and the theme this week is Preschool!

Now that I have a little one at home again, I am having to shift back to my preschool/kindergarten homeschool days. Back when my big guys were little guys and teaching colors, shapes, letters, letter sounds and all the basics in between. 

Naomi will be going to pre-k in the fall, but from now until the end of summer we will be working on our basic preschool/pre-k knowledge and building upon that!

For a L-O-N-G time I have been a HUGE lover of anything Leap Frog and especially their learning DVDs! I recommend ALL of them!!!

For teaching colors and shapes I love to use manipulatives and both Maddie and Bryce always loved to use the counting bears. You can use them for counting, sorting by color, making patterns, math etc., very versatile.

I didn’t have any sort of little bean bag learning toys when Bryce was little but, I did have them for Maddie and she loved them. Whether we were using them for tossing, learning colors, shapes and I even had them with letters on them!

All 3 of my kiddos love puzzles and puzzles are always a good thing! You can find on Amazon, discount stores like Marshall’s/ Ross etc. for cheap.

For online learning I love, Madison used this the most and it is well worth the small monthly fee and now I am going to have Naomi start next week! 🙂 

Last but not least is Pinterest for ideas and free printables! What can you not find on Pinterest right, just search preschool learning activites!?!

My favorite place to buy homeschool supplies online, hands down, has to be AMAZON!!!

I hope you found some of my preschool favorites helpful and have a GREAT weekend!

We will be hanging outside and enjoying the nice weather!!!


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