I have found another reality show I am loving and it doesn’t have to do with any of the Housewives!!! #saywhat!?!?

Yes, it is true and to top it off it is about family, raising kids and successfully raising a child with autism with the help of early intervention, a great team supporting him and through advocating. 

This show just started a few weeks ago on the Oprah Winfrey Network, it comes on on Saturday evenings, check you local listing! 🙂

For a handful of you who are new to my blog or may not have known but, our Miss Maddie has Autism. We say the early signs of it when she was 3 and officially had a diagnosis when she was 4. Today Maddie is 5 almost 6 and is in kindergarten. She receives therapies at school (o.t. & speech), spends majority of her day this year in mainstream kinder and gets pulled for her special needs class to help her work on concepts that are hard for her to grasp. 

The number 1 reason why I love this show is because it gives me hope as a parent.

To see another Mom and Dad being supportive of their child, advocating, the importance of the team surrounding them and just wanting their child to be happy is a breath of fresh air!!!

 Although their child is a boy and 17, there are so many similarities it’s crazy, just in the way he answers questions, mannerisms…I really just love this show!!!

This show is just awesome guys and I love how she uses her “reach” to shed a light on autism! 

I highly recommend this show especially if you know a child with autism, have a child on the spectrum or are just curious check it out!!!

You can check out her HollyRod Foundation here or follow her on instagram here!

See you soon friends!


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