To be completely honest, I need a redo of last weeks Spring Cleaning (week 2) check list!

Here’s what happened…

I spent 3 out the 5 school days in auction barns with my Dad! I know it doesn’t seem like much but every time I got home, I had like an hour or less and had to go pick up the kids…so there was no time for extra cleaning/organizing.

I’m amazed I actually kept up on the laundry…that doesn’t mean it’s all folded and put away though, lol!

The times my kids are at school is my time to get stuff done and well…I didn’t get a whole heck of a lot done…

One thing I have been consistently working on since the end of last year is when the kids are home I want to be spending time with them and not always keeping myself busy. Especially on the weekend I want to be soaking up the nice weather outside with them!

Like this weekend, we converted the tire swings into wood swings and all the kiddos loved it!!!

Especially Maddie…she use to hate swinging and get soooooo scared of the forward and backwards motion and now all she wanted to do was close her eyes and swing.

Bryce and I were taking turns pushing the girls on the swings unless it was his turn and then I was pushing him 🙂

Naomi loved swinging too, we just need to work on a little thing called balance, lol!

Isn’t he getting so big??!

She has grown so much this year and to see how far she has come is nothing short of amazing.

I hope all of you a productive and successful Monday and talk to you soon friends!  


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