Today kicks off my first week of Spring Cleaning!!!

I know for me, when ever I start spring cleaning and doing little jobs that aren’t in my usual cleaning routing, it make me feel good and more accomplished! (this week, lol:)

For this week in particular, I am going to be focusing on jobs that really need to be done more often and are things that I see on the daily that need to be handled but somehow get put off.

We all do this, you have good intentions but somehow life takes over during the day and you say, “Oh this can wait till tomorrow and then tomorrow’s stuff takes over and you can see where I am going.

Instead of trying to conquer all these tasks in one day…which I may have in the past, I am breaking them up into one job a day, so I know I can make time for at least that one. #igotthis

Over the weekend I tackled some outside chores, not spring cleaning, but since we had nice weather and the sun was out I pulled some weed, sprayed for weeds, mowed the lawn, threw away anything that was ruined over the harsh winter elements and swept the patios.

On Sunday after church I had my Brycee-Boy mow the front yard for me while I picked up trash and pulled out old/dead flower stems from the planter beds and picked up big twigs and sticks from the yard.

Usually while I am mowing the lawn the girls usually are driving their power wheels or playing sand table.

Happy Spring Cleaning and talk to yah soon,


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