Before I start my sh-peel regarding operation spring cleaning week 2, I want to let you know how week one went and what my favorite thing I accomplished was and why.

Last week I…

Cleaned off all counter tops around the house or organized.

Wiped all inside windows down.

Dusted and wiped all fans.

Dusted and wiped televisions.

Vacuum all base boards & mop floors. (to be honest, this didn’t get done and will be added to week 2 for me 🙂

My favorite & most beneficial thing by far was cleaning off all counter tops, wiping them down, and or corraling like items and making them more organized!

Love, love, love!!! 

This right here made the kid’s art supplies/homework necessities feel so much cleaner and streamlined. 

For whatever reason I felt so much more accomplished, haha, and I wanted to keep wiping, corraling and cleaning counters…it’s kinda addictive!?! 🙂 

The Farmers Market Tray I purchased at Ross and the little metal cans were purchased in the “dollar-section” in Target.

Cleaning off counters, corraling like items and organizing and getting rid of junk mail/ads/school papers that pile up on the counter is a must!!! It will make you feel so much better, trust me.

So for week 2, we are focused on more of the organizing than cleaning and dusting.

As you can see we are going to be tackling all those places that we put off till later…well later is now and we are going to handle the business!

Just a few things to remember when organizing…

Donate what you don’t use or want anymore (only if in good working condition!)

Throw away old outdated products underneath the bathroom sink, check expiration dates.

Keep what you use most in the front or frequently used items in the same place.

Happy Spring Cleaning/Organizing!!!

Talk to you soon friends,


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