Two holidays are coming up…Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day, two holidays that couldn’t be more fitting while my Papa and Grammy are out visiting us from Cali.

Growing up my Grammy babysat us, watched us after school and we spent a lot of our summer vacations at her house since both my parents worked during my elementary school days. My Grandma and I also both love to cook, bake, watch cooking shows and read cooking magazines or cookbooks. My Grammy planted the seed and help teach me the basics of cooking/baking.

So while she is out her in Missouri, one of our requests was homemade flour tortillas!

When I was little I would always watch her make tortillas and she would let me play with one of the masa balls while she rolled and grilled the dough.

There is nothing like a fresh flour tortilla and store bought doesn’t even hold a candle, ask any Mexican, lol! But the thing is my Grammy doesn’t have a recipe she just throws in a little this, a little that so I need to find a good recipe or have her one day measure all the ingredients out.

So this week is Cinco de Mayo, Mexico’s day to commemorate the victory over the French at the Battle of Pueblo. #mexicanhistorylesson 🙂 #youarewelcome

Since we love to bake and we haven’t baked in a loooooooooooong time together, we thought it would be fun to make Mexican cookies. When I moved to the midwest #smallcountrytown, I never of thought how much Jer & I would miss our authentic Mexican Food, the food we are use to and how much I want my kids to know what our culture’s food tastes like. So this week we are going to do some baking and bake some cookies!

One thing about Southern California you can find a Panaderia (Mexican bakery) in almost every town or at least near by and the cookies that I loved most to get there were polvorones. I found a recipe on good old Pinterest and we will see…

Here is the link to Mely’s site where you can find the recipe I’m going to try for Polvorones.

These Mexican Wedding Cookies are more commonly known or at least I think in the U.S. and this will be the first time I make them…I can’t believe I haven’t baked these before!

Here is where you can find the recipe I am going to try on Liz’s site

I can’t wait to try these recipes and I hope you try them out too…let me know!?!

This week I might need to go to the gym an extra day just for all the cookie enjoyment, haha!

Below are some Mexican desserts I’ve been pinning if you’d like to check out.


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