Springtime is in full swing here in the Midwest and that marks the beginning of planting season!

This year will be our first year for planting corn, with the end result being corn silage to feed the cows and heifers. We are newbies here in the Midwest so the guys did a lot of research online, asking local farmers and friends about what they do etc. to make sure we are making the right decisions and so forth. You can never have too much info because if you run around acting like you know everything, that is when you fall flat on your face! #remainteachable 

Jarret and Ty are really the ones spearheading all the farming, which seed to go with, what formula for the fertilizer…getting the grass killed in the fields etc. They are the dynamic-duo! 

All this grass had to be killed in order to plant.

Ty did most of the planting with Jer getting the planting started and helping get the planter ready and set.

We went with Pioneer corn seed and this is our used planter we bought off of a local farmer.

Here’s a closeup of the seed and seed bin.

AND…it wouldn’t be our style operation if something wasn’t jimmy-rigged, lol! Ty was towing the planter to the farm and one of the seed bin covers flew off, so for now it is covered by a black trash bag. #thatishowweroll

A few comments my Papa & Grammy have been making since out here in Missouri:

1. I can’t get over how green it is?!?

2. Man…the weather changes at the drop of a hat!?!

3. I haven’t seen so much green in my life!!!

4. My Papa called the Mennonites, Lemmonites! haha

5. I wish the weather would make up it’s mind, I don’t know to wear a jacket or sweatshirt!?! 🙂

Corn Crop 2016 has been planted and you bet I will be documenting the whole thing!

Talk to ya soon friends,


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