Hi friends, Hope everyone had a good weekend!?!

I know we did, and one of the main contributing factors was the sun was shining all weekend. Springtime here in the Midwest pretty much means rain will come sometime every week and when you get two consecutive 75°F days you jump on it! You know, everyday we still have to get a whole laundry list of daily chores done no matter the weather, but when you have a few good weather days that’s when you get any extra projects you need to do done.

Saturday was de-worming the dry cows at the ranch!

Here at the ranch the kids love to look in the creek that runs from one side of the ranch to the other. When we pulled up there was a big snapping turtle out in the water and when it saw us it went and hid in the shadows, lol! #idontblamehim

The girls were having their mid morning snack of apple squeezie and Cheese Its and of course Maddie thought the turtle might need a little snack and tossed in a few crackers to see if he’d come out…no such luck, he was waiting for us to leave!

Bryce had his multi-tool and he was whittling sticks, with the file/rasp option, haha!

Oh my Brycee-Boy…atleast he keeps himself busy… 🙂

The kids and I were keeping ourselves busy while Ty went to go herd the cows to the catch pen that my Dad and Jer were rigging up.

See we have a round pen set up in the corner of the pasture and their grain troughs are in here, so everyday when they get their grain they have to come in the round pen to get it. So on the days we need to catch them, we close the gate while they are eating their grain and we’ve caught them! 

This process is very user friendly and way less stressful on the cows.

Now that Ty, Jer and my Dad funneled the cows to the other side of the round pen, for the cows to get back over they have to one at a time go back through a gate. While Ty pushes one through, Jer will spray each one with a dose of dewormer.

Once we sprayed each cow and we checked herd health to make sure everyone looked good they were sent back out to enjoy the beautiful pastures!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know this past week was a rough one with parenting our newest little addition. My better half new I was hurting and sent me on my way, ALONE, to Target so I could enjoy my Starbucks and take my time pushing around the store for what I needed to get so I could recharge my batteries. 

That is exactly what I needed to reset my mind and come back home with clarity and new found patience that I was lacking toward the end of the week.  

Now I feel like I can take on whatever life throws my way this week! 

In other news, haha, here is a progress pic of the corn!

 Thank God for rain… 🙂

While Jer was checking the corn, he found a box turtle in the field and brought it to Maddie,our resident Doctor to check out!

Yep, looks good! #maddiesstampofapproval

This girl, without a doubt, will do something when she gets older that has to do with taking care of animals or people. 

She has so much empathy! 

On the way back home we stopped at a little park on the roadside to let the kids play before we made it back. Jer and I have always wanted to stop but never really had the time, well this weekend we made the time and I’m glad we did.

One of these days, you heard it here, we are going to have kayaks and float this river with the kids… #goals 

Getting some energy out of these crazies so when we get back and they eat lunch it is…


Let’s be honest, naptime is one of the best times of the day, haha!

Talk to ya soon,


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