I haven’t posted a day in the life since January 2014 and if you’d like to see that post click here, my life was a little different back then!

All these pictures were snapped last Thursday when Maddie stayed home from school from being sick and Jer had pretty much the whole day off! Usually I’m at home on Thursdays and both big kids are at school and Jer is at work…which made this the perfect day to document.

One of my errands was Lowe’s. I needed to get some indoor plants for a teacher appreciation project I was working on and I also picked up some Daylilys for the front planters.

Maddie was staying busy with Jer’s phone because when Maddie is sick, she is SUPER irritable…like times 100!!! 

I love the Lowe’s garden center!

We also needed to stop in at Target to get a few things and more importantly return Maddie’s sandals I picked up for her to wear with her graduation dress. The sandals I picked out for her were so cute and they fit length wise but her heel kept slipping out of the back and I didn’t want her to trip during her graduation.

Before we started back home we stopped and ate at Fazoli’s. Jer and I had never been but we know Ty likes to go and my girlfriend was talking about their bread sticks so we decided to try and it was pretty good for semi-fast-food Italian!

I ordered the Ultimate Alfredo and barely ate half, I was so full, and brought the rest home for Brycee to have after school…that boy LOVES pasta!  

Jer ordered the Ultimate spaghetti which he said was really good and he could of gone for more! 

One of the dirt roads home.

Now it was time for me to plant my Big Time Happy Daylilys, official name.

Ta dah!!! 

I love planting and gardening, I also love mowing the lawn too! #funfact

After I was finished planting, Jer wanted to go down to the bottom pasture and check on the far off springers. Which means they have probably about a month of two before calving.

The top pasture is connected to the bottom pasture and the heifers weren’t in the bottom pasture they made their way to the top pasture to graze…so on the road up to the top pasture!

Still with me!?!

There they were, enjoying the tall grass while it was blowing in the wind.

Now before we went back, we always check the pond to see the water level. Maddie and Naomi wanted to walk and see if we could see frogs. No big frogs but, we did see a lot of tad-poles which was cool!

Right after this picture was taken the Gator wouldn’t turn back on…dead battery and know one was at the dairy to come down and get us, which means we had to walk ALL the way back!!!

We cut through the dry creek because it gave me the creeps walking through tall grass with sandals…no being able to see a snake or ticks!!! #nothankyou

After making our way through the creek we met up with the little road back to the dairy which is LONG and STEEP, while both of us were carrying a kiddo!?! Good thing I didn’t go to the gym that day because OMG legs were hurting.


While the girls were napping, Jer took a nap on the couch and I left to go get Bryce from school.

Bryce was on his 3rd grade field trip that day to a indoor trampoline park and then they all went to a buffet afterwards. When he came home he was so worn out and tired that he laid down and rested before baseball practice!

It wouldn’t be a day in the life without a load of laundry and my secret weapon for all things cow poopie or stained is Oxy Clean added in!

I told you earlier that I was working on a teachers gift and this was it…

I purchased the mugs at Target and the plant at Lowes. I had the string and I created the Thank You card, you can see all that here, with a free download for the cards.

That was a day in my life last Thursday, not a typical Thursday for me but definitely a memorable one.

Thanks for following along friends and I will talk to ya soon,


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