You guys all know we LOVE our ice cream here in my family…especially Mint Chocolate Chip and maybe rocky road and maybe cookie dough too!!! I can go on and on 🙂

About a month ago Madison had been having a lot of tummy troubles, especially towards the evenings and nights. At first I thought maybe it was something particular she ate or maybe something from the school lunch that isn’t sitting well. After a process of elimination, over about a week, we finally found the culprit fluid milk!  Milk being the main problem and ice cream the second. Those are two things that Madison absolutely loves and she was drinking too much milk at home or at school. So we are back to packing her lunch, so we know what she is eating at school, limiting her fluid milk intake to only 8 ounces a day and trying to give her ice cream made with almond milk. I mean, I am not so rigid that if we are at a birthday partly or at someone’s house and they offer ice cream she can still have a little, but if I can control it, I would much rather her eat ice cream made out of almond milk! 

The brand that I love if I’m buying at a store is called SO Delicious and they have quite a wide variety or flavors! The one problem I have though is, they only come in small pint size cartons. You know I told myself, why am I spending extra money buying multiples when I have an ice cream maker at home…I can probably make it!?!?

So there I go, off to Pinterest naturally, and typed in almond milk ice cream and what do ya know a whole bunch of recipes popped up!

This is the recipe I decided to go with based on the ingredients and what I already had on hand.

After reading a handful of recipes I noticed majority or the sweeteners were honey and real maple syrup, but the one ingredient that surprised me the most was the avocado!

To get the actual measurements of the ingredients visit Hayley’s site here!

I put all the ingredients in my blender and blended until everything was incorporated and smooth.

When you take the lid off of you blender it smells so good and minty!!!  

Then you refrigerate your ice cream mix for at least one hour. In that time I picked up the kitchen, washed what I used and went out and started mowing the lawn, lol! 

Then get your ice cream maker all set up, pour the mixture in and start ice cream machine!

The texture and consistency should look like this when done. 

At this time you fold in your chocolate chips, if you did it when the mixture was liquid, all chips would of went to the bottom of the bowl!

Now you could store your ice cream in a freezer safe container or you can buy these cute little cartons off of Amazon like I did!?!

The kids love this ice cream and the one that surprised me the most was Bryce…he is my ice cream man and he always tells me how he just can’t get enough!

Try this recipe out, even if you don’t have a dairy intolerance…it is really good! Spoken from a girl that lives, works and is supported by the dairy industry, haha 🙂

Show Hayley some love and check her blog out, Health Start in the Kitchen.


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