It’s that time again where I am linking up with Mix & Match Mama and A little Bit of Everything to participate in their “STRANDED” link up series. Many other bloggers participate and it is fun and a way to be imaginative and silly! 

The topic this month is BOOKS, what 3 books would you take with you on a deserted island?!?? 

To be honest I am not really a book reading girl, it’s hard for me to sit down and dedicate time to reading. I LOVE reading blogs but books, oh that’s a struggle and something I am really trying to work on this year. 

Here is a picture of my bedside table. I just finished reading Balancing in Heels and actually pretty surprised at how much I liked it!?!!

My favorite genre of books is non-fiction. I like reading informative, semi-autobiographical, a little self help…those type of books. The only series that is fiction and I’ve read, which I was really surprised, was The Divergent Series, I was so proud of myself!!! 

For me to pick three books it was kind of easy, I am taking the 2 books that I am currently reading (and taking waaaay too long) and one that I have yet to start.  

So drum roll please!

1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

I am about half way through and I REALLY want to finish this book and if I am on a deserted island I should have more than enough time, haha!

2. Forever Mom.

This book was recommended by Shay being one of the best books she had read on the topic of adoption and I would agree, VERY INFORMATIVE and somethings I would of never of thought of.

I am almost done and would love a solid hour or two to finish.

3. Wild and Free.

This book I have yet to start, it is waiting for me on my kindle and has been highly recommended by many bloggers that I follow. 

Those are the 3 books I would choose if I was on a deserted island!

You can click on any of the titles for a direct link to them on Amazon, my favorite place to purchase books! Also what are your thoughts on an actual book in your hands or do you like reading on your Kindle or Kindle app???!?

For me I go back and forth, I like the actual book in hand and then I like the kindle then I don’t have to store the book when I am done.

Here are the next upcoming topics…

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