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It’s the end of the school year for my kiddos, literally we have 2 more days, today & Monday and my daughter’s kindergarten graduation is tonight!!! #wherehasthetimegone

Throughout the school year I am always emailing my kid’s teachers saying thank you for taking that extra time with Bryce or thank you for being so patient with Maddie. Teachers are a HUGE part of your kid’s lives right now and we as parents need to make sure we say THANK YOU and show some gratitude for the tall order they have.

Last year when I was searching Pinterest (naturally) for teacher gift ideas I remember seeing a plant and a tag saying “thank you for helping me grow”.  I never pinned it, I don’t know why, and went on to do something totally different. 

So this year when I was racking my brain for an inexpensive, from the heart, and thoughtful gift I automatically thought of plant and grow…yep that is what I wanted to do and I was going to create the tag myself!!! Ironically Jo from Magnolia (you know Fixer-Upper) also just did a blog post last week about teacher gifts they’ve done in the past and this was one of them! I’ll link her blog post here if you would like to see their past teachers gifts.

The reason why I love this gift is because the kids were involved in the process. I could of easily went to bath & body and picked them out candles or hand cream etc. (which I’ve done in the past) and called it a day, but my kids have had such a great school year I wanted to go that extra mile. A huge plus was we made all four for about $6 to $7 dollars each!

Bryce has one teacher and Maddie has three, her “mainstream” teacher, speech therapist and special ed teacher and they ALL deserve a special thank you!

What you will need is:

White coffee cups.

I picked these up from Target for $1.99.

String, scissors and my Thank You for helping me GROW tags!

Here is the FREE download.

Indoor plants. 

I love this style indoor plant called “Ivy”, you can find at your local garden center, very easy to maintain and each cost $2.49.

We also picked up a small bag of potting soil to help fill the cups and you could use what’s left in your own garden.

Start by scooping in a little bit of potting soil in each cup.

Maddie loved this part, she said, “Look Mom…I’m like a gardener!”

What I loved most about this mini super-easy project is the kids were involved!

Now you want to de-pot the plant and disrupt the roots a little bit.

This was Bryce’s job!

While Bryce was finishing off the four, Maddie was filling in the cup with potting soil.

They really did have a great time!

To be completely honest Bryce was not to excited about me “making” him plant some little plants…

I told him that you WILL plant and help because your teacher works very hard for you and you need to show your appreciation to her and not be rude.

After we finished he told me, that was fun Mom can we plant more plants or have a garden!?!

My hope is that you found this tutorial easy, fun and inspiring!

Let me know here or on Instagram if you made this project, I would love to see.

You can download your FREE teacher appreciation tags here!

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