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It’s that time again where I link up with some awesome ladies, (Sheaffer, Shay & Mel) and a whole bunch more blogger to answer questions for “What’s Up Wednesday”! 

I look forward to Q&A style post for all my blog readers out there because it gives me a chance to answers question that may not come up in my recent blogging topics.

So lets get right to it!

What we’re eating this week?

I tried this pasta recipe last week and OMG it is amazing, it came up in my feed on Pinterest and I am so glad I pinned it and made it because it is so good and easy!

Here’s the direct link to the recipe for Salsa Verde Chicken Pasta!

What I’m reminiscing about?

I am remembering my kid’s first day of school here in Missouri and what a great school year they both have had! Both were blessed with awesome teachers and a school they enjoy attending.

First day above and last day below!

Although our regular school year has ended, Bryce & Maddie are attending summer school for fun!

They get to go swimming,  go on field trips, work on their reading, etc. and if they miss a day it’s not the end of the world.

Maddie graduated Kindergarten

and had the cutest solo picture on the slideshow after the graduation ceremony!

Also by the end of the school year we had 3 kiddos, lol!

What I’m loving?

You know me, I love my skincare and I found some new products that are giving my current favorites a major run for their money…Tarte’s new skincare line!

You know I am already a fan of Tarte but their new hydrating mist, and gel cleanser are pretty amazing, their moisturizer is pretty good too but, I am not sure if I like it more that my Origin’s GinZing moisturizer…

I hate committing to full size products if I am not going to care for them but at Sephora they have a little bundle where you can try all these products for $10!

Let me say it again… 

You can try all three of these products together, in a travel size for $10 at Sephora.com, here’s the link! 

(You can also find in select stores.)

What we’ve been up to?

Lately we have been up to baseball and enjoying every minute of watching Bryce out there!

Baseball is new to him and we love to see him learn a new sport and be on a team.

I am also finally tackling Bryce’s room!!!

The people who lived in the house previously painted the room John Deere green………I am not sure what to say besides, yay it has got to go!!!

They also put up John Deere tractor border that I peeled and removed yesterday, yuck! 

On a positive, the border came off way easier than to be expected and Bryce has been so patiently waiting for me to get to his room.  

I’ve also been up to a lot of yard work…everything is growing like crazy!!!

I’m either planting, mowing the grass, spraying for weeds, and or using my new weed eater.

What I’m dreading?

I’m dreading going through my email inbox, I have so many emails and I bet I really only need to save 10!

Uh…I need to take care of that…

Oh and the impending HUMIDITY this summer!

What I’m working on?

I have a few things…

1. I am looking forward to planning a little family getaway/stay-cation to St. Louis!

St. Louis is only a little over 3 hours away and it will be perfect for us to see more of Missouri!

One major thing we are excited for is taking the kids to the STL Zoo!

This will be our first family vacation with 3 kids. 🙂

2. I am working on our summer school review so we don’t get that summer slump! I love Moffatt girls summer review packets, reading a less electronics. I have already started on the electronic and we do a dedicated post on that later!

3. Jer and I are also working on setting up a better budget, weekly & monthly…sounds fun huh, lol!

What I’m excited about?

I’m excited about slowing it down and enjoying the summer with the kids and taking lots of pictures!

I also want to try really hard to take a quick solo trip out to California to meet my new nephew before he starts walking, haha!


What I’m listening to?

One of my favorite apps to listen to music is Pandora, I’m sure you all probably have that app on your phone too.

The station I have been listening to the most lately are Today’s Country Radio & Justin Bieber…I know the Biebs but that station plays a lot of good songs!

What I’m wearing?

You all know how I love my Sketcher Go Walks and I have been wearing these a lot lately!

This kind reminds me more of a shoe style and

these remind me more of a flat but waaayyy more comfortable. 

I’ve also been wearing my workout shoes and flip flops quite often depending on the weather!

What I’m doing this weekend?

I am honestly not sure what we are doing this weekend, I think it is going to depend on the weather. We have had a whole bunch of rainy days lately!

What I’m looking forward to next month?

Next Month it will be…

Jer and I’s 10 year wedding anniversary!


What else is new!

Next month on the 8th will be 3 months Naomi has been with us and the time has flown by, it’s hard to believe it has only been 3 months and it’s also hard to believe it’s already 3 months!

I will do a bigger post for her 3 month anniversary, stay tuned! 🙂

What are you looking forward to this summer?

I’m looking forward to fourth of July here in Missouri again and laughing while the boys set off fireworks!

I love hearing the kid’s excitement from the firework’s bang and then the sky lights up and we say oooohh-aaaahhh!

We are all ready for warm weather and the kids playing in the water!

At least right now they are going swimming at the indoor pool with their school. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading my “What’s Up Wednesday” answers and talk ya soon!


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