Wow…what a year we all have had?!?!

To say we left California a year ago doesn’t seem real…

We have had an awesome first year here in Missouri, I’m not going to say it didn’t come with some growing pains but looking back…I wouldn’t of changed a thing.

We’ve learned, we’ve grown as humans and have made some great friends a long the way!

To say that it has been easy being so far away from our family wouldn’t be true, we miss all our family and wish everyone could just move out here, lol! 

One of the best things Jer and I ever did was make the decision to move.

Although we work for the family farm, you always have a choice, we still could of chose to stay back in California and take jobs else where and leave our kids in their schools that were awesome, stay in our perfect & cute little house and be around a whole bunch of family but, we both new this isn’t what we wanted for us or the kids.

We wanted to raise our kids in the country (and oh are we in the country, lol), small town living, where it rains all the time so it makes it possible to grow crops and pasture animals and we have found that place here in Southwest Missouri.

If you told us five years ago that we would be living in Missouri, we would of probably laughed at you and said, oh…ok…yah sure??!

So we packed all our stuff up into a moving pod, sold our perfect house and there we went in our car across the country!

For sure it was scary leaving everything you’ve ever known but we are so much better for it.

Jarret loves it out here and he was the farthest from country living, he wasn’t raised on a farm. His family did construction and majority of his extended family does too!

Jarret has turned out to be one of the best, hardworking dairyman I know and I’m not just saying that because I’m his wife, lol, others will tell you that as well!

This move has brought Jer and I closer, Bryce & Maddie and I closer and now Naomi because we all depend on each other. We are strong and united.

One of the biggest reasons we didn’t choose to leave earlier was because of Madison and her team of doctors and specialists…they we my safety net. There was no where else I spent more time away from Jer and Bryce besides Rady’s Children’s Hospital. They have been there for Maddie since the beginning we were afraid to leave.

But like it turns out, we have found some great doctors here that we love and are amazing too! Who would of known that there were more awesome children’s doctors outside of California!?!?

The saying goes…”You design the life you love”, and oh are we designing it. You know your hopes, dreams and goals don’t all happen over night but if you keep working towards that goal, working hard  and trusting in the lord, it will happen; you just gotta believe and jump! 

Fun F.Y.I.

What do we miss the most about Cali?

Jarret – Del Taco

Me – Trader Joes

Bryce – Del Taco and his Cousins

Maddie – She doesn’t know. 🙂

2016 is a BIG year for the Mehaffeys!

1 year ago we left California.

Madison graduated Kindergarten.

Bryce is doing awesome in school and is currently playing baseball.

Jer and I will be married for 10 years tomorrow!

Jer and I will both be turning 30!


We are in the process of adoption.

My sister sent me this video a little while after we moved and it just gave me that encouragement I needed to hear and if anyone else is on the fence about a life changing move, this might be what you need to hear too!

I hope everyone has a great day and here’s to an awesome year ahead!


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