Friday marked 10 years for Jer and I!

Wow…all I can say is Jer and I have been through it all in the last 10 yrs. and then some. I’m not going to go through all the lows and highs but I will say this, each situation has brought us closer together and stronger as a couple and that’s what marriage is all about.

So to celebrate we left the kiddos with my Mom & Dad and headed down to Down Stream Casino!

The theme of our weekend was to do nothing. Not have a plan or what are we doing next and not hearing I’m bored, I’m hungry or I need to go potty every 15 minutes, lol!

I love my kids but, Mommy & Daddy needed a break! 🙂


Once we arrived at the hotel and checked in, we were on our way to our room and right before the elevators um…..hello pastries & coffee bar, oh my weakness… 🙂 

Those fruit filled turnovers were calling my name!

But surprisingly enough I didn’t purchase one pastry or dessert…but I did get my fair share of coffee and blended frapps!!!

We had some time before dinner so we finished binge watching The Ranch on Netflix and it ended so good that you can’t wait to see what is going to happen when they release the next chunk of episodes!?!!

Everyone that knows Jer knows how much he loves to eat out…but we don’t eat out hardly at all, so this whole weekend of eating out at every meal was right up Jer’s ally!

I’m not a huge fan of buffets but oh that dessert bar had me with all their little mini desserts. 🙂

The next morning we watched The Do-Over that was just released last Friday on Netflix by Adam Sandler. 

Then we ate breakfast and I wanted to go to the gym to workout on the treadmill. 

I asked Jer if he wanted to workout with me too but this is what was spying on me through the glass!

I guess that answered my question… 🙂

First off the treadmills were so cool because they had TVs on top of each one and these cool programs you could pick from to workout to. I picked the interval training program where it moved up and down on its own, like if you were walking up hill and down hill, and all you had to do was pick your speed.

The morning started off kind of foggy, so after I worked out I ordered a white chocolate mocha and layed by the pool to cool off and enjoy. I never get to do something like this!!!

Right off to the side of me was this beautiful rock-waterscape.

Then the sun finally decided to come out and I enjoyed to hot tub until it was too hot, then did the polar bear plunge into the cold pool, lol and then back into the hot tub and then layed out! 

It was so nice!!!

Jer was relaxing watching a movie, he wanted the shade that’s why he was so far away.

and yes, I enjoyed a pina colada but too be honest, alcohol isn’t really my jam. Not that I have anything against it, I just don’t really care for the taste. I know…boring, lol! 

Here was my set up, my little tablet which I was reading Wild and Free, Coola sport suncreen and my drink!

We had such a nice, relaxing, easy time and we both needed and deserved it.

Now back to reality, but my batteries are recharged and ready!!!

Have a great Monday friends,


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