Yesterday marked 3 months that little Naomi has been with us!!!

It’s weird to explain but you think, wow it’s already 3 months…that went by so fast and in the same respect, Naomi seems like she’s been with us for longer. 🙂

I can’t tell you how much she is fitting right in and loves everything about small town Missouri farm life. 

Overall her adjustment has gone pretty well considering her life has been turned upside down so many times in the past year. Naomi is resilient, smart, curious, brave and loves to learn!

Naomi is learning about feelings, emotions, smiling (which seems simple), using your words, patients…all things in the realm of being a kid. 

As a parent and advocate for children, I always want to be completely transparent when it comes to my struggles as a mom and what I’m doing to try and fix what’s not working. I don’t have it all together as a parent and I’m learning just like everyone else, so with that Naomi has started going to therapy. It not only going to help her out, but the therapist helps to confirm what I’m doing is the right thing and gives me that confidence as a Mom to stay the course and shed some light on certain behaviors we are trying to correct or teach.

I wanted to make sure I shed some light on that because someone might be reading this and contemplating therapy and I want to encourage to seek outside help if you’re feeling that nudge.

Ok…onto the fun stuff! 🙂

Naomi loves to swing with Bryce & Madison!

Naomi will swing ALL day if someone pushes her.

Naomi loves playing sand table!

Naomi loves to play with the Magna-Tiles and build!

Naomi loves to follow the lead of her silly brother & sister!

Naomi loves to go to the park and go on the slides!

Naomi loves to be with Jer and I outside on the dairy.

Naomi loves seeing all the cows, especially the baby calves!

Naomi loves to be outside and be a kid!

Naomi loves the security or her day-to-day routine!

A few other things that she loves are:

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood,

Drawing & Coloring,

SNACK! :),

and her Family! 

I can’t wait to see what the next three months bring, by that time Naomi will be in Preschool!

Talk to ya soon friends,


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  1. Kathy DeMoville
    June 10, 2016 / 1:55 am

    Great nudge – and very important for later in the teenage years! You are right about needing that support as a parent too.

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