Hi friends and family!

This past week was our first week here in Missouri where we had a full 6 days with no rain and it was warm! I am not complaining one bit about the heat that finally came this week, although we found out the air conditioning needs to be serviced, lol! 🙂 #sweating

Since this area of Missouri has been waiting for a week of sun and dry weather everyone has been haying around here. Cutting their pastures, racking the hay and bailing it. That’s what Ty’s been up to this week, putting up hay here and at the ranch. 

In regards to dairy life lately, we have all been really busy around here!!! Follow along…let me give you a little peek…

Hi…I was just born and, I’m waiting for them to finish the new set of crates so I can have my own stall…they need to work faster! lol

A few things we did to stream line this section was I pre cut 95% of all wood that we used. We also framed up the outside sections on the outside of the calf barn, then carried it in, squared it up and assembled. This time my mom helped too, so that sped things up a lot!

More than half way done!

#funfact This use to be the original milking barn way back in the day…pretty cool huh??!

Thank God for nail guns because I can’t imagine hammering all those nails in by hand!

Bryce was playing and building with the boards that were waiting to be nailed…

always using his imagination. 🙂

Another thing I started to do in the early morning, now that it isn’t cold and it is light early, is take a little “get your day started walk” to the mail box! Walking to the mail box is a really short distance, but it is a nice little intentional walk to set the day up and this is usually who is tagging along. 🙂

Hi Harley!

Morning sun on the outside calves!

I spy Jer right past that gate, on his way to get the fresh cows in the barn.

The bulls are not amused by me…

This picture is funny, well it is not funny haha but, I was playing around with some setting on my camera, forgot to set it back to where I needed it and the focus was put on the fence post and barbed wire! lol I wanted to show you the dense canopy of trees that you see for miles here in Southwest Missouri. 

I guess it was a reminder to appreciate the simple things in life!

Right before I get to the end of the driveway by the mailbox, I like to look over and see all the cows lined up eating their breakfast ration.

In other news…

Jer, Bryce and my Dad all went to the ranch on Saturday to help Ty with a breakdown and Jer snapped a pic for me with Bryce in the corn…it has grown so much! 

It is nice to see the corn getting TALL and all the water it needs to grow is coming for the sky!

My project on Saturday, which I’ve been wanting to accomplish for a while, was to pressure wash the outside of the house.

I am not exactly sure when the last time this house had been pressure washed but it needed it bad!  

As I was pressure washing under the carport/patio, I came across this interesting moth/butterfly/spidery lookin thing…it was huge and weird!!!

Here’s to another week ahead…Happy Monday friends!


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