It’s that time again where I am linking up with Mix & Match Mama, A Little Bit of Everything and a whole slew of other bloggers participating in the Stranded on a desert island with this month being Netflix!!!

Oh Netflix…sometimes I purposely don’t watch you, because then you take over my life, lol!

I mean seriously, isn’t Netflix like the best thing ever invented?!?! 

Even on the kids side, they have so many kids movies and I love the amount of Leap Frog movies that are on there, I always use to use Netflix when homeschooling Bryce and Maddie.

This “Stranded” theme couldn’t of come at a better time since Jer and I just got back from celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary and we binge watched a Netflix series I am going to share as my number 1!


The Ranch!

I loved watching The Ranch because it takes place in a small Midwestern town, they’re cattle ranchers but it more or less focuses on the relationships between them all. 

This is the first made for Netflix series that I have loved!!!

Danny Masterson “Rooster” reminds me of my brother and who doesn’t think Ashton Kutcher is cute!??

(This show is not for kids!) 


Madam Secretary!

This series airs on CBS as well but I never started watching this show until half way through the second season and loved it!

Naturally I needed to watch the first season to catch up on everything I missed and thank the heavens the whole first season was on Netflix already.


Gilmore Girls!

Now two reasons I would pick this one if I was on a deserted island. Number one, there are a lot of seasons to keep me entertained, secondly it’s light hearted and I loved watching Lorelai & Rory when I was younger; it’s a classic! (maybe that was three.. 🙂

Those are my picks for 3 Netflix series I would pick if I was on a deserted island!

What would your be??!

Check back here tomorrow because I’m going to be sharing about this little one being with us for 3 months already!!!

Talk to ya soon friends,


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