WOW…What a 4th of July we had!?!?

To say it will go down as one of the best days & the worst days is an understatement…

I’m not sure how to start this post except by just typing and sharing how the last 24 hours has rounded out & a little back story.


Last Thursday I set out on a mission to try and get all three kids together for a nice picture with their 4th of July tees on.  The forecast showed a few days of rain ahead so I knew I needed to get it done 🙂 and this was my first time trying to take a “formal/non formal” picture of all three.

Usually I love candid picture of the kids but I did want to document our first 4th of July with Naomi in our mix!

I figured out of 100+ pictures I surely had to get at least one!?! haha

My picture taking window was all of about 10 minutes for Maddie and then then there were tears being shed. 

You know when you are always the girl behind the camera you rarely have any decent pictures of yourself…well this handsome gentleman I bumped into at the dairy offered to help and lets just say majority of the focus was not on the individuals, haha!!!

A little more practice and he’ll be invaluable… 

The milkman was able to get this great picture of me and Brycee that I will love forever.

Now let’s skip forward to Monday, oh wait a minute I forgot to share with you that my friend Abby & I completed out first 5k run together this past Saturday!!!

We finished 1st and 2nd place (for our age) only a second apart with a time of 30 minutes!!!

We ran about 90% of it and stopped to take a few short walks in between miles…we were so proud of ourselves and each other. Abby and I started our fitness journey together back in September and we are almost at it for a whole year!?!!

Side track, that was Saturday and now lets get to Monday, 4th of July!!!

Every afternoon after nap time the kids are usually in the pool splashing and having fun.

They didn’t get to go swimming the day before because of all the rain and so the pool was a little bit chilly but it didn’t stop them from having fun together!

After we ate dinner, the guys were all tired from the long work day that we decided to go ahead and not wait till it was dark for fireworks.

So we set up camp and watched the show…

My favorite part of 4th of July…besides the smores…is watching the guys laugh and set off fireworks. A perk of living in a state where fireworks are legal!!!

The sound was too loud for Maddie so she sat on my lap majority of the time while I had my hands over her ears, lol!

The kids loved the sparklers! 

This was the only clear fireworks picture I was able to capture but at the same time I had to take one hand off of Maddie’s ear which didn’t make her happy. 🙂

Mental Note: Next year Maddie will wear ear plugs!

Ty, Jarret and Bryce loved every minute of it and I loved watching them…it was the highlight of my night!

This was the last picture taken of kids & grandparents before the next 24 hours turned to craziness…

My Dad’s best friend “Scruffy” ran away, ventured off… whatever you want to call it went missing for a little under 24 hours. To not hold you all in-suspense she was found by a neighbor who’s property kind of backs up to ours, she was scratching at their door late at night and was brought in. Although the property butts up to ours, it is still a long distance away…

We spent hours into the night and next day searching for her all over the property and for sure thought we wouldn’t find her.

On top of that our coffee pot broke that morning too so…everyone was running on no caffeine which brings out the best in us…NOT!!!

My last 24 hours has not been ideal…but I knew I needed to go to town and buy a new coffee pot if I was going to improve today…to get off on the right foot and to top it off, I had a major headache!!! 

While in Target getting a new coffee maker and Grande Mocha with an ADD SHOT two things happened that made me think of how amazing the bigger picture is…

1. A lady walked up to me while standing in line and said I know this is going to sound weird but are my glasses tilting to one side of my face…? My response, No not at all they look great on you!!! She patted me on the shoulder, thanking me and she left with a big smile.

2. While I was standing in the Starbucks line (still in Target) I witnessed a boy, probably about 12 yrs old bringing in a huge bag of old Target bags to recycle in their dispenser in the front, as I smiled at him and he smiled back I mentioned to him that’s a nice thing to do… and he smiled and left.

Bryce looked at me and said, “WOW Mom, there really is nice-good people in this world…the neighbors we met for the first time that found & took in Scruffy, the lady who was happy about her glasses being straight and the boy recycling…”

My response to Bryce was you are absolutely right…there are a lot of good people out there. To see the good is not in the big exciting times Bryce, it’s in the detail it’s the small things. 

Who knew Bryce and I would share such a great, life teaching time in the Starbucks line in Target after a horrible day…

Life hits you in the most unexpected places and you have to take those times and cherish them for they will shape your future thoughts.

This morning I read something on mixandmatchmama’s website and she shared a passage from a book she’s reading…

Sophie Hudson’s newest book, Giddy Up, Eunice, this passage stuck out to me, “If we let ourselves get sidetracked by pettiness or heaven forbid, some good old-fashioned paranoia, we may miss the wonder of seeing how intricately the Lord has woven our stories together, how intentionally He has intersected our paths, and how beautifully our callings complement each other.”

So my goal for today is not to get sidetracked by pettiness or what happened in the last 24 hours and to know that the lord has this all worked out…give it to GOD.

Have a Great day and look for the happiness in the detail,


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  1. Kathy DeMoville
    July 6, 2016 / 2:55 pm

    Glad you found "Scruff" – and great thoughts on the moment with Bryce. So true – focus on the positive and good, and let God work on the rest!

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