Today it’s all about dairy life lately!

First off, the kids only have a few weeks left of summer vacation?!?? Their summer is going by so fast and next week is Madison’s 6th birthday! I am honestly in denial about that one…

We have a few exciting things on the horizon before the kids go back to school and I can’t wait!

So dairy life lately has been pretty routine, feeding animals and taking care of the property. I think that’s pretty much all farmers & ranchers do, haha, as soon as your animals are all taken care of and fed, it’s like, ok now what needs to be taken care of on the property! 🙂 

Last week my parent’s were out of town and so one of us needed to head to the ranch to feel all the dry stock. (Cows that aren’t milking;) Since everyone was busy, the kids and I decided to load up my car with the grain buckets and head on out, and just before I left Jer decided to go with. He didn’t want to miss out!

Usually I do not have all the kids sit together in the middle because it’s, he’s touching me…someones looking at me, but since all the grain buckets filled the back, Bryce was sandwiched by the girls. 

Jer’s vice is Mtn. Dew (Baja Blast) and anything Reese’s peanut butter cup!

He gave Maddie the last little drink because she said she loves Mtn. Dew, not that she ever is just sitting there with a whole can of Dew, haha!

Jer was throwing the grain buckets since he came and I was opening gates for him and taking pics.

I wanted to share this picture because it is a rare sighting…all three kids are clean & dressed nice for the mall, we went back to school shoe shopping!

Back to dairy pictures…

Dirty faces and watermelon juice running down your arms, that is what summer is all about!

After you are done feeding and taking care of animals there is always something that needs to be fixed and this particular day it was this water trough that sprung a leak!

And for me…it’s back to that yard work game!

My yard work schedule has gotten off track due to rain and life…

Bumper was helping Momma out yesterday with the mowing, then after he was burnt out, I had to go over all the rows he missed! 🙂 For the most part he mowed 90% of the front yard, any help is good help.

The calf barn is full and we are getting ready to build a few more either today or tomorrow!

Bryce has been a big help to Jer this summer and I foresee him being an even greater help to him as the years go on.

That’s dairy life lately and can I just tell you, I am not a fan of folding laundry right now or putting it away for that matter!!! I guess I better go…I have a few baskets of laundry that need to be folded from last week! 🙂

Have a great weekend,


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