Happy Friday friends & family!!!

Wow this week has come and gone…am I right!?!?

My plans for this weekend are to finish painting Bryce’s room and probably taking the kids to see The Secret Life of Pets. That movie looks so cute and Bryce is such a dog lover, Maddie & Naomi too but Bryce, he takes the cake with his love for pups!

So this week my Friday Favorites is about children’s multivitamin and supplements. 

To be completely honest with you I never really gave them vitamins before unless Maddie was prescribed one when she was really little. I also never really considered any type of supplement either, but after Maddie was so severely sick last year she developed some tummy issues and her immune system took a hit as well.  

In the course of Maddie getting sick, losing weight and almost all muscle tone she needed a multivitamin and that is when I happened upon these supplements too. 

I don’t know about you but, my girls get so excited to take these vitamins & supplements!?!!

Here they are…one is by ZARBEE’S and the other by OLLY.

The Elderberry Immune Support contains:

(copied from their website)

Each gummy, made with handpicked ingredients and no animal byproducts, contains vitamins A, C, D, E, and zinc, plus a concentrated burst of real elderberry extract.

The OLLY Kids Happy Tummy contains:

(copied from their website)

An expert blend of prebiotics and probiotics plus soothing peppermint, OLLY Kids Happy Tummy nurtures a healthy ecosystem inside, so they can play outside.

My favorite place to purchase these supplements are at Target! They have better prices there than Amazon the online mecca for everything you need and majority of Zarbee’s isn’t up for prime shipping…big no-no in my book.

Olly has a really cute display and packaging that I love! If you are a sucker for packaging then I’m sure you are going to love OLLY…

The kids have been doing well and not had any sort of colds but we are also in the summer months so we will see going into cold & flu season and starting school pretty soon!

Maddie’s tummy troubles have been gone since using this product but we have also cut out fluid milk due to contributing to the issue.

Here is the multivitamin Bryce & Maddie take and pretty soon Naomi, she has a prescription vitamin but reeeeaaalllyyy wanted to hold this bottle for the picture! 🙂

I also purchased this at Target and let me just tell you, have you looked at any of the ingredients in the leading “gummy” vitamins for kids…the first ingredient on most is high fructose corn syrup!?!??

This vitamin is a pretty straight forward natural children’s vitamin, minus all the yuck!

Again I purchase all of these at Target and also got a pretty sweet coupon for $4 dollars off at checkout one time! (Target computer generated one) 

Here is what the kids are taking:

Bryce-Multivitamin & Elderberry Supplement.

Madison-Multivitamin, Elderberry Supplement & Happy Tummy.

Naomi-Multivitamin (prescription) & Elderberry Supplement.

I hope you enjoyed my Friday Favorites and leave a comment below if you have a favorite children’s vitamin or supplement?!?

Happy Friday Everyone,


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