Happy Friday friends 🙂

Today is all about my favorite things I use in the kitchen!!!

You guys know I am always cooking or baking…cooking more because we have to eat, haha.

I honestly would bake more if I didn’t have such a sweet tooth and my mind didn’t think it had to eat all the baked goods up, so they’re not taunting me. 🙂

The things I chose were items I use everyday, multiple times a day and would totally recommend all of them to family and friends. That being said, this is for cooking, some items you can use for baking but…for the most part cooking.

*All the links to these items are below the images*

Drum roll please…

Cookware Set 

I use this set of pots & pans everyday, multiple times a day for almost a year and a half.  These were a gift from my in-laws two Christmases ago and I love them.  They have held up great and are from QVC!

Wood Cutting Boards

Plastic Cutting Boards

I use cutting boards ALL. THE. TIME. 

From cutting up fruits, vegetable, slicing or trimming meat…I use my cutting boards everyday! I do think you should have a wood cutting board and plastic cutting boards that have the no-slip grip on them with the little well to catch liquids.


Knives are a must, plain and simple!

Baking Sheet

What would I do without my baking sheets?!?? I use these in the morning for cooking up bacon in the oven to roasting vegetables or meat and of course I bake my cookies on them too. 

You need this style baking sheet in your kitchen today!


Spatulas…there are so many out there…specialty ones for certain jobs etc, but my current favorite one  is by Pioneer Woman! Super Sturdy!

Wooden Spoons

What can you say about wooden spoons besides, they are the best all around utensil!

Glass Measuring Cups

I love my Pyrex glass measuring cups! I use them in the morning for beating eggs, measuring ingredients duh and they clean up really well in the dishwasher.  

Measuring Cups & Spoons

 When I need to measure out dry ingredients or small amounts of liquids for cooking, these are the best and they have all the sizes! 

Last but not least is just a simple fork! I use a fork for grabbing uncooked meat out of trays to beating eggs or stiring mixtures/batters. Love a simple fork and we all have forks!

(What is your favorite kitchen item you use all the time?)

Have a Great Friday and Fourth of July Weekend!!!


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