This past Sunday Jarret turned 30!!!

He finally joined the 30 year old club, haha, for that month and a half he loves to give me a hard time about me being the older woman. 

So for Jarret’s thirtieth birthday he wanted to go out for a nice lunch at this really good steak house we haven’t been to yet! Since Bryce is not in town, nor my parents…it was just the girls, Ty and I. We had an amazing lunch followed my an insane dessert!!!

After all the delicious food was enjoyed we headed to the mall because Jer wanted to pick up a few new t-shirts, non work shirts, haha! 

That morning and afternoon he had to work but we all made it possible for him to have a big chunk of time off during the day to go out & eat and cruise the mall.     

This was such a great picture of Jer & Maddie!

Maddie was having a hard time waiting for her food, so she decided to jump on her Dad’s back. 🙂

Selfie situation was not working out…

A little someone didn’t want her picture taken and the lighting was not the best…but I wanted to show you that Ty, Naomi and I were there too! 

Jarret’s birthday meal…a good steak & baked potato!!!

AND…O.M.G….the best salad I have ever had in my life!!?!!?

Romaine, diced tomatoes, feta, croutons, and the best-perfectly cooked salmon, drizzled with ranch!!!

I have been dreaming about that salad since Sunday….

Maddie… with a mouth full of bread, repeatedly telling us that it is hard to wait!!!

This dessert right here, did. us. in…

I believe it was called the Chocolate Stampede and it was worth every penny! We split this among the five of us and we all walked out of the restaurant ready for a nap.

Happy Birthday Jer, hope you had a great day…all we were missing was our 

Brycee-Boy; but he is off having fun!!! 


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