Madison Alexandra is 6 years old today!!!

This doesn’t seem possible? But in the same respect, it also seems like it has taken us along time to get to this point where she is happy, healthy and thriving!

For many of you who may not know Maddie entered this world in complete surprise along with her twin brother Brody at only 24 weeks gestation via emergency c-section.

To say that Jarret and I had no idea what life had in store for us in that first month is an understatement! 

For almost 5 months she was in the N.I.C.U and continued to be in and out of the hospital until she was about 3 years old. Anytime she got a cold it would turn into her requiring oxygen due to extreme preemies having problems with lung issues.

If you are asking yourself what happened to our sweet Brody (Maddies twin brother), he is in heaven looking down on us and protecting Maddie as her guardian angel. 

We have been through it all with Maddie and we are so proud of where she is at now!!!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Maddie through the years…

This was taken outside the hospital while waiting for a doctors appointment.

Tape, nasal cannulas and being a toddler means a lot of untangling, haha!

Maddie was and is our little fighter!

Her little face makes us so happy!

And then one of the worst things hit us like a ton of bricks…out of the middle of no where, Maddie got h.u.s from a severe case of e-coli and absolutely turned our world upside down. 

We were back in the children’s hospital where it all started, fighting for her life once again and was put out for 5 days and was receiving major dialysis. This was a huge punch in the gut, all the while we sold our house, had to pack up and move out and then get ready to move half way across the United States. 

Now finally being a full year out, which took her kidneys that long to fully recover, she is doing awesome! 

Maddie is gaining weight, is stronger and funnier than ever and it makes Jarret and I very comforted to know that she is Healthy & Happy!

Madison’s Favorites

What is your favorite toy? Shopkins & my new slippers.

What is your favorite color? Pink & Purple

What is your favorite movie? Zootopia & Angry Birds

Who is your best friend? Kat (school friend)

What is your favorite food? Spaghetti, Meatballs and Sprinkle Cheese (Parmesan) 

What is your favorite dog? Poodle

Favorite thing to do in school? Go to the Cafeteria & Library

Update on her Special Needs

Madison has high functioning Autism, requires speech and occupational therapy.

She loves going to school, lovers her teachers and therapists. Maddie was keeping up pretty well with her peers until after Christmas break the gap between her and her classmates was/is widening. It will probably continue to widen even greater as the first grade year progresses which will mean she’ll be spending more and more time in special ed. Which Jarret and I know and we are okay with that as long as Maddie is Happy, Healthy and in an environment that helps her to be the best Maddie she can be.

That is our Maddie!

Jarret & I couldn’t be more proud of the girl she is becoming!!!

Happy 6th Birthday Madison 🙂


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  1. Kathy DeMoville
    July 19, 2016 / 4:44 pm

    Touching and very proud of you for sharing about Maddie and your life experiences! I know you will help someone else going through a similar situation in life.

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