Today I’m sharing a little Mommy Moment of mine and the importance of loading the kids up and taking a little clear your head drive.

All of my Moms out there I know you can relate…some days you can tolerate more and some days your patience is so tiny that you are hanging on by a thread of a full on Mommy Meltdown, am I right?!?

Well one day a few weeks ago, I had just about had enough, I consider myself to have a pretty high tolerance level of behaviors etc., but this particular day just got me! 

Kids-1, Mommy-0.

I told the kids calmly to put your shoes on now, use the restroom and load up in the car! They were asking where are we going and I told them Mommy needs to go for a drive and everyone is going to be quiet, haha!

I needed a change of scenery, I needed to look at things that make me happy and that is being outside. 

Sometimes that is loading them all up on the Gator and taking a ride around the property but this time is was going for a drive. 

This is the other end of our dirt road we live on. We live sort of in the middle of a long dirt road and this way takes you farther from town so I usually don’t frequent this end. But I am so glad I took this way because seeing this tree covered part of the road made me appreciate where I am. 

I also drove down a few other dirt roads that lead to our’s that I never ventured before too.

Bryce ended up falling asleep, Maddie was quiet listening to music and Naomi sat quietly almost falling asleep. When I got back home it was like I hit the reset button and I can handle whatever was happening the rest of the day before bedtime!

So my Mommy Moment tip for you is when the going gets tough and you about had it…take a clear your head drive, get yourself your favorite coffee/soda and hit the reset button. It helps, I promise!

Changing the scenery just does something…

Take the kids to the park and let them play while you sit, watch them and take some deep breaths.

If you have someone to watch your kids or drop them off at Grandma’s and go to your favorite store, mines Target for a little retail therapy.

Load the kids up in their stroller and go for a walk.

Those are my suggestions to you and what helps me, have a great Monday and I can’t believe we are almost halfway through July!


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