The last Wednesday of every month I link up with The Larson Lingo, Mix & Match Mama and Sheaffer Told Me To and a whole bunch of other participating bloggers to share what we’ve been up to. It’s called What’s Up Wednesday!

Let’s get started because there is a lot of Q & A!

1. What we are eating this week?

Chicken…we are eating chicken, haha! I marinated and pre-cooked a few pounds of chicken, saved a few out for eating that night, then divided and froze the rest for later use. 

Now I have marinated & grilled chicken breast when I ever I need to pull a dinner together! 

2. What I’m reminiscing about?

This month, probably because she just turned 6, I’ve been reminiscing hard about Maddie when she was young and the fact that we had to wait so long before we were able to hold her…

3. What I’m loving?

I just started using these in-wash scent boosters this month because Jarret’s work clothes have been extra stinky lately!!! I picked up the Downy (smaller pink bottle) at Target a few weeks ago and I liked the scent but you really didn’t smell it after you washed your clothes. Then last week when I was at Sam’s Club I saw they had the big bottle of Gain in-wash scent booster and I am loving it!!!

4. What we’ve been up to?

Lately, just this week we have been getting rain. So that means the creek has water flowing threw it right now and the girls are loving putting their feet in it anytime we are in the bottom pasture.

Bryce is in California right now visiting with my in-laws and getting to play with our nephews & nieces (his cousins). It’s good for him but…I miss my Bumper…

He came home from our trip to St. Louis,then went with my parents to Utah and now he is in California with family, haha, he is having the time of his life!

We celebrated Jer’s birthday on Sunday with going out to eat to a nice steak house, which he absolutely loved!

and I’ve been helping out in the calf barn more, since the weather has been supper hot and we have a lot of babies on the ground!

5. What I’m dreading…

Honestly, fitting into my Bridesmaids dress!!! haha

I don’t know what it is but, every one else’s dress fit them but for some reason mine will not zip…

6. What I’m Working on…

I am working on getting all my chores, responsibilities and planning done before we leave for my Sister’s wedding soon!

Also getting everything off those dreaded school lists!!!

I mean honestly, it doesn’t really bother me but I don’t remember ever having to get that much stuff for 4th grade…or 1st grade or even preschool. 

But I guess time and budgets have changed…Thank you Target for having everything I needed!

7. What I’m excited about…

I am excited about seeing my little nephew very soon and squeezing those arms and cheeks of his!!!

and I’m excited for a decrease in HUMIDITY!!! 🙂

8. What I’m Watching / Reading…

Well this is a no brainer…HELLO, Real Housewives of either O.C./New York or now New Jersey, duh!?!? 

But I also wanted to share what I’ve been watching on YouTube! 

I just started watching this girl’s channel called Life with Sarah and she talks about Dave Ramsey’s steps to financial freedom, which got me watching more and more of her videos.

I linked one of her playlists below if you’d like to watch too!

9. What I’m listening to…

I started listening, more religiously to, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey.

I use to listen to her here and there but now I have been religiously listening to her weekly podcasts!

Search for her on your Podcast app on your phone!

10. What I’m Wearing…

Lately I have been loving this Milk & Honey Tee, it says “Made New” and right now I am loving lose-flowy tanks!


This is a blurry picture but this is us in St. Louis last week and I’m loving this black “athlesure” muscle tank from Target that say, “Go The Extra Mile”!

I love shirts that have sayings on them, this one is super soft, flowy and comfy!!!

Here’s a better picture!


11. What I’m doing this week…

This week I am playing catch-up and getting caught up on my house & yardwork!



12. What I’m looking forward to next month…

I am excited to see what this school year has in store for all the kiddos. 

Naomi is so excited to start preschool and Bryce wants to see his friends. Bryce will also be turning 10!!! what….?

Next month is my Sister’s wedding and hopefully some cooler temperatures!?!

13. What was your favorite part about summer?

Well to be honest, summer really didn’t go as I had planned. I thought I was going to have much more time with them. But our summer went by so fast!!!

I loved watching them swim and enjoying our little temporary pool… 

I loved the little bit of exploring we did and seeing different parts/towns in Missouri we haven’t visited before and…

I loved being surprised by my Aunt, Sister, Niece and Nephew for my 30th birthday!

That is my What’s Up Wednesday!

Talk to yah soon,



  1. Jenny
    July 28, 2016 / 2:50 am

    What a fun creek for them to play in. I'm waiting for my sister to have her baby so I can get in my baby fix. Nothing as sweet as a baby. 🙂

      July 28, 2016 / 10:37 am

      Yes, the creek is so fun & peaceful!It's great when Sister's have babies because you can love on the them, get your baby fix and still sleep through the night, lol! Babies are the best 🙂

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