On Sunday we had a little funday during lunch!

My Dad has been wanting to have a little lunchtime barbecue down by the pond for months, but it always has been too humid! But since we have had a little shift in our weather (fall is almost here:), the humidity isn’t as high as it has been in recent weeks.

So we all went down to the bottom pasture with the barbecue, all the fixins, this flat bottom boat, a wooden ore my Dad had just cut out of wood and camping chairs…oh and bug spray for the kids!

Fun Fact: I don’t ever get bit by mosquitos! 🙂

This was the maiden voyage of the little boat on the pond! 

At first Bryce wanted Jer to paddle…

but that didn’t last long. lol

Bryce was a rowing machine!

Bryce was jazzed to help Grandpa get the coals going, usually something he doesn’t want to help with but…he was loving it all!

The girls are wayyyy over there in that little cluster of trees on the other side of the pond.

Maddie kept saying she was being Brave like Princess Merida from the Disney movie and bless Naomi’s heart, she was trying to keep up with Maddie but, keeping up with Maddie is like keeping up with a thoroughbred! 🙂 

The girls were waiting patiently for their turn and Maddy wanted to go with Daddy!

Then it was Naomi and I’s turn!

Can you tell that this is the only picture I didn’t take?!??

All the other picture were taken by my Galaxy Note 5 (has an awesome camera!) and they are all unedited!!!

One of the many tours Bryce was giving…

Grandma (Mom) was barbecuing the hotdogs… 

and Dad had just returned from looking for a set of heifers that we needed to move up to the top pasture when we were all finished here.

His first solo mission!

Then it was Grandma’s turn for Bryce to give her a tour; she was so nervous but we made her go! haha

After we ate lunch, Bryce was on the pond with grandma and Jer, the girls & I were looking at all the frogs “sunning” by the edges of the pond!

This is Maddie’s favorite thing to do when by the pond and it’s becoming Naomi’s favorite thing too!

The girls also liked to explore on the little trails the cows have made down to the pond, so we explored a few. Naomi hasn’t had a lot of exposure to this sort of things so at first we wasn’t too sure about walking through branches, weeds etc., but quickly caught on!


Then it was time to pack up and herd those heifers up top, closer to the dairy.

Jer, Bryce and I gathered them all up and herded them back to the top pasture where my Mom, Dad & girls were already at.

The clouds were amazing that day and have been as of late.

This is the gate that they are walking toward to be in the right pasture.

Bryce, his Dad and “Tuff”…no better team!


Once that was finished and the cows were in the right pasture then it was our task to bring in the new Momma and her calf!

That was our #sundayfunday with the fam-bam…now it was time for everyone (Jer, Maddie & Naomi) to take a nap and Bryce and I watched a movie we recorded…

Have a Great Day!


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