Today is Bryce’s 10th Birthday!!!

I seriously can’t believe he is already 10 years old, where does the time go? I feel like I was just taking him to Mommy & Me class or signing him up for preschool!

Never the less he has grown into being a good boy and one of my greatest accomplishments. 🙂 

A few of my favorite things about Bryce is;

He is not materialistic.

He has huge amounts of empathy for others.

He laughs at his own jokes.

He is cautious .

He is sensitive, although his quick wit may mask that at times.

 Bryce’s childhood pretty much consisted of being outdoors.

If he was outside that usually meant he was playing in the dirt with his tractors.

For hours he would just play along side us, where ever we were…he was a good boy! Never fussed as along as he had a snack and his sippy cup.

Pretty much the same as now…as long as he has a beverage and food he is all good.


He was Mommy’s little right hand

This was his wheels, he would drive his “baby-car” around everywhere and it always had that little white crate in the back filled with little metal tractors for playing or sometimes a sippy cup too!

Bryce’s best friends growing up were the sons of two of our milkers. The played for years together, every Saturday they would come to work with their Dads and just play outside rain or shine.

I would say Bryce has had 10 years many children dream about, we has been raised right along side his Mom & Dad everyday since we work where we live!

We were blessed with being able to homeschool him for his first few years and he loved it, he was able to spend extra-extra time with us!

His favorite toys are Drones, Nerf Guns and robots/Imaginext!

Favorite Food: Orange Chicken & Noodles from Panda Express

Favorite Superhero: Iron Man 

Fun Fact: When Bryce was little he use to cry if he got a giftcard or “dollars”, lol, he wanted toys. Now he loves if he gets a giftcard!

Happy 10th Birthday Bryce!!!!


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