The kids and I are back from spending a week in California for my Sister’s wedding, yayyyy!!!

Oh am I so glad to be back home…there’s something about your own bed and pillows…

Bryce spent the last 21 days on vacation with my parent’s, Jer’s parent’s then with me! He is such a lucky dog…now it’s back to reality and vacation let down, haha.

I took a little time off of posting on my blog and taking a step back from posting & checking social media to just focus on family time. 

BUT, I took a ton of pictures so lets get started!!!

Day’s 1-3

Jer dropping us off and walking us into the airport, he was sad to see us go.

We had the last row in the airplane!

Maddie was all smiles to be able to finally see Brother!

At last…reunited. 🙂

The next morning we took a ride on the golf cart around the dairy.

Then we headed for my Grammy’s where we would be staying for the next few nights!

Every time…like a little baby in a car!

On the third day we hit up the park by my Grammy & Papa’s house to let the kids get some energy out.

The girls loved running across the “draw-bridge”!

Once the kids were all tired and sweaty it was time to head back and cool off!

Day’s 4 & 5

Traffic!!!! #alldayeveryday

(Don’t. Miss. That.)

Wedding rehearsal time.

The venue was absolutely beautiful!!!

The man who officiated the wedding did a great job, one of the best wedding ceremonies I’ve seen yet!

Today was the day of the wedding and Maddie absolutely had it…she was ready to go back home!!!

We walked to another park that is little right down the street to try and change her mood but no such luck…

So after a few hours later I made the call to have Maddie stay at my inlaws and forgo the wedding. They were happy to have her, spend special time with her and plus they live only 15 minutes away from my Grandma’s!

By this time I needed caffeine and a lot of it!!!! 

My favorite coffee house in California is called It’s a Grind…not Sbux!

Brycee did the coffee run for me…

Then we hit the road to go get ready for the wedding with all the other bridesmaids and my sister and no more than 5 minutes and he was out again!

Getting ready in the bridal suite!

A little blurry but my Sister looked amazing on her wedding day!!!

Naomi and Bryce lookin cute!

Two of my fellow bridesmaids hitting up the dessert bar “for their table”!?!?

Love these girls!

Day’s 6 & 7


The next day after the wedding we were all wiped out and tired!

Bryce and I didn’t end up getting to sleep until about 2 a.m….

Special time with Miss Holly!

Taking care of babies while their parent’s have special time at the beach!

Snack time is very important to little ones!!!

Trying to recover with a little walk!

See ya Cali…next stop Missouri!

Right after take off…if only the flight back home was this enjoyable, haha!

Finally back with Dad or my Jer!!!

He missed us so much and informed me that we are all not aloud to leave together for a LONGTIME!

We missed you too Jer 🙂

*One big thing about this trip that didn’t happen because I didn’t have anytime or a chance to was visiting my friends! Alisa, Karla, Holly and Ashley hopefully next time I will be able to meet up with you all!!! 🙂

Now back to reality and the kids start school today!


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  1. Vicki Elrod
    August 12, 2016 / 1:52 am

    I loved all the pictures. Time went by to fast. I was blessed to have all my kids and grand kids together for the wedding. So happy to have your blog to look at to remember such a special time.

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