Hi friends!

It’s been a little bit since I shared our dairy life lately and you’ll see a trend…it’s pretty much just the girls and I. Bryce has been gone vacationing with family so it has just been girl power on the home front!

We miss him big time though, but we know he is having FUN! 

So the weather this past 10 days has been super hot & humid to rainy & sunny to this past evening cooling off into the 70’s…what!?!?

Weather in July here in Missouri is all across the board and we get quite a bit of rain.

So let’s get started with life-lately…

Life Lately has been a lot of catch up recently and getting prepared for the girls and I leaving for my Sister’s wedding.

That includes getting ALL the laundry done (I didn’t say putting it away though ;), grocery shopping, paying bills for the business & personal, getting my yard work caught up, buying all the back to school supplies, getting groceries for Jarret and getting the house in order because when we come back the kids have one full day then school starts!

This picture of Bryce was taken right before they headed for Utah!

This is how I packed Bryce up, all he had to do was pull one of his rolls of clothes out when he went to change or shower. Everything was in there that he needed, shirt-shorts-underwear and socks. 

Almost 10 year old boys need easy…well at least Bryce, haha!

All the little clothes logs were packed into his backpack and ready to be taken out when he needed.

This is how I plan on packing the girls!

A fellow mom I follow on instagram shared these frozen juice pops that her girls love and now my girls love them too!

I found them at our local Walmart Grocery store and she said she picked hers up from Sam’s.

Not this past weekend but the weekend before, it was so h-o-t hot and humid!

When it is extremely humid, all you can do is just try and stay cool…that involved the pool!

I’ve been doing all the watering and graining of the calves to lighten Jarret’s load because we have quite the amount of calves…I think the most we have had all year!

Naomi loves to come in the calf barn in the morning and help me or sit and talk to the calves, hence the pajamas! 🙂

School supply shopping!

Three different grades, three different lists and Maddie had a giftcard to spend and I knew what she wanted.

I invited my girlfriend to accompany me to Target on a weekday with no kids…whhhaaaatttt! It was almost like a little mini-vacation, haha! 

Kids free in Target, #momgoals! 

So Monday came around and we got a huge torrential rain storm!

This was the side of the road heading to the dairy.

This was the water gap that goes through the bottom pasture!

It was flowing rapidly!!!

Then a rainbow came later that made it all better, haha!

This was the next days…water level definitely went down!!! 

The girls enjoyed cooling their feet off!

Back to the gym…getting all the St. Louis indulgences off!

This was the day I started to get caught up on the yard work and the girls stayed busy playing sand!

With all the rain and sun anything green is growing at rapid pace…

including the weeds in the flower beds!!!

My flowers are in there somewhere…I think…?!

When it’s not raining in the afternoon, the girls and I have been exploring after their naps and before they go swimming.

It’s been the girls and I this week so they’ve enjoyed our little John-Deere Gator rides!


Hope you enjoyed our dairy life lately and I’ll talk to ya soon,


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