Dairy Life Lately has been so nice because it has officially been over a week we’ve been back and the humidity & heat has finally broke!!! You can actually go outside now with out automatically breaking into a sweat and in the evenings & nights it’s starting to cool off. It feels like fall weather is not too far off…(jumping for joy 🙂

The kids and I got back on a Tuesday and the kids started back to school on Thursday, so on Wednesday Jer and I headed into the city for grocery shopping and a little lunch date at Red Robin…he’d been wanting to go for a few weeks now. 

Thanks Mom for watching the kids!

Jer had been craving their onion ring tower with their special Red Robin dipping sauce! #yum

I do all my grocery shopping at either Sam’s Club or Walmart Grocery and we picked up Maddie this at Walmart grocery, this was right up her ally and she loved it!

Naomi was support staff!

Thursday we started back at school!!!

and we are off to a rocky start…not so much Bryce, a little with Naomi, and a lot with Maddie…she hates change, but we are working on it. :/

On Friday a CRAZY storm blew through in the afternoon that brought HUGE wind gusts and rain!

But one good thing about a little breeze or wind…NO humidity, yay!


When you are the grounds keeper/landscaper and you leave for a week, that means no yard work got done…and here in the Midwest where rain is in abundance, EVERYTHING grows all.the.time!!!

I mentioned to Jer before I left that if you want to mow the lawn while I’m gone that would be great…yeah, that didn’t happen! haha

Saturday was such a nice day that Bryce and I pulled the bikes out and started riding while Naomi was napping and Maddie was with my Mom.

I popped in to check on Jer getting set up to milk and talking about what we are going to do on Sunday since it was his day off…

F.Y.I.-we ran errands, finished unpacking, laundry, grocery shopped, got something to eat while in the city and came home to watch some movies. (It was raining Sunday)

I swear he’s not flipping me off….haha

Back to the yard work front, Saturday was my day to get the mowing and weed-eating done since we were getting rain Sunday and Bryce was interested in wanting to weed eat so there he went…he actually did a great job!

The clouds lately have been beautiful!!!

I always take pictures of the clouds and send them to my Grandma Angie, we don’t get clouds like this in California.

Like a said earlier, the evenings are getting so much nicer that the kids have been wanting to ride their car, bikes, toys etc., instead of just wading in a pool to keep cool,lol!

Since we had that crazy wind that blew through, it also caused a whole bunch off skinny branches to break off the trees so Naomi helped me pick all them up and we threw them into the corral next to the house. 

This was a perfect job for us to do while we were waiting to meet the kids at the bus stop.

Yesterday afternoon I got a surprise arrangement from “the kids”…thanks Tia Rocky!!! 

It definitely brightened my day and they look absolutely beautiful!!! 

Last night was beautiful and quiet…

Everyone had gone home, the milk barn was off, Jer was prepping the barn for the morning, I was covering the pool & putting the dogs away, Bryce was laying down watching Duck Dynasty, Naomi was sleeping, Maddie was waiting on her Dad (she likes her Dad to put her down) and the farm was getting ready for bed. 

Dairy farms are all a hustle and bustle in the morning but there is something about evenings on a dairy farm, when all is calm and you see everything you work for day in and day out and how thankful you are to live this life and raise your kids here!


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