Hi ALL…Happy Monday!

Today is going to be a great week because I have no dishes in the sink when I woke up!!! Why don’t I just take the time every evening to do a quick tidy up of the kitchen? Well I am going to start implementing it, it makes me feel like I am on top of it in the morning!

Also I finished most of my yard work this weekend, with the help of my Dad operating the weed-eating for me and my Mom watching the girls so I can complete all the mowing. The Husqvarna  riding mower has been down for going on two weeks so I have been improvising with another riding mower but it just isn’t the same…the Husqvarna and I are partners!

So lets get on to it because I have a lot to share…

Monday rolled around and I had absolutely NO groceries!!!

I was suppose to go grocery shopping Sunday but, Maddie came down with a fever after her nap and was just feeling worse as the day progressed. So on Monday she stayed home from school, I dropped her off by my Mom’s so then I could restock the house.

Here’s part of the drive home off the highway…right before I hit dirt roads for the rest of the way.

Here it is all loaded up, I like doing my grocery shopping at The Walmart Grocery Store!

If you want to see everything I bought, watch my haul video!

Tuesday Bryce went to school again by himself, Maddie still ran a fever and she did run a fever for about two more days…but mostly at night.

During the day while the kids were at school she layed in Mommy’s bed watching cartoon…just what the Doctor ordered and we also completed some homework.

Homework for her is anything she doesn’t complete in class!

Monday – Friday this is where she slept, right on the ground on a little blanket bed next to my side of the bed. At night we would get up with her multiple time and it was just easier to have her there and she wanted to be with us.

Thank goodness she is feeling better now!

Tuesday afternoon Bryce received a birthday package from California from relatives and you better believe he was out there flying that drone as soon as the package was open!

The girls also received a package from my Grandma with two puzzles.

Tuesday was also football signups! 

Here he is, all ready to go.

Thursday rolled around and I shared this go to weeknight recipe, Ground Turkey-Pepperoni Pasta…so good! You can sub the pasta for GFree or Whole Wheat!  

Thursday Morning my Mom and I went out to eat for Breakfast to IHOP and I wasn’t impressed. If I go out to eat I want to eat a good meal…I think it’s because I cook all the time and don’t go out to eat that much and when I do, I want it to be good.


I honestly thought I was going to get through Thursday with no hiccups because there has been a lot of “hiccups” these past weeks regarding school. Well everyone did well on the school front but…I noticed a few lice eggs in Bryce’s hair and that meant all bedding, stuffed animals were bleached and washed. 

And Bryce’s hair was buzzed off because they were all toward the ends of his hair…I think I caught them before they hatched…

Friday Rolled around and it was this little Good-Guys 10th birthday!

Wow…how time flew by!!!

For his birthday he invited one friend with him to Golden Corral and then…

afterwards went to Chuck E Cheese!

When we walked out, the sunset looked awesome…I had to snap a pic.

Saturday the kids swam for some of the last few times while I mowed the lawn, Mom watched them!

Sunday we took the kids to the park around 10 a.m. and soon after we were sharing the park with some of our Amish neighbors. We live in a really small town which is home to a large population of Amish farms and neighboring little towns.

The kids just all played together.

I haven’t tried these organic “good 2 grow, juice waters” before!?!

I found them at our local Family Dollar and the girls loved them, they are naturally sweetened.

Jarret like a good-guy picked up the trash at the park that some litter-bugs left behind…what a good citizen he is! (and I am not saying it sarcastically)


This is what I made for our Sunday Dinner!

Here is the link to the recipe.



So that is Life Lately and I am having good positive thoughts for today and the rest of the week!

Happy Monday,


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