Happy 4 Year Blog-I-Versary!!!

Yesterday on July 31st my little blog turned four years old!?! 

If you have been one of my loyal blog readers since the beginning, which was probably only close family & friends :), I appreciate you following me along on this journey and your continued support!

If you all remember this is what my blog use to look like…

This was a free template I found on the internet, downloaded and inserted my header at the top all on my own…I was so proud of myself!

My very first blog post was when Jer, the kids and I went camping at Lake Skinner.

The kid’s were so small, Maddie had just turned 2 and Bryce would of been turning 6 that year…my babies.


For this next section of my anniversary post, I’m going to do a little Q & A.

Questions that I thought you’d want to know!?!

What made you want to start blogging?

I started blogging because I wanted to chronicle our lives while the kids were little. Update family & friends of Madison’s journey, document our homeschool life (yes, Bryce was homeschooled K-first and half & half 2nd) and have a place to look back on as kids grew up.

How has blogging helped you?

Blogging has been my therapy…it wasn’t intended to be or started with that in mind!

By writing it has helped me work through bouts of anxiety & grieving, explaining or telling stories of things that have happened in my life because surprisingly I’m a pretty private and quiet person that I may not of expressed how I was feeling in person. 

Where are you with your blog today?

Writing and creating content has been my creative outlet. I’ve grown as a person with this blog and see my blog evolving as I’m evolving. I’ve gone through seasons with my blog where I was blogging everyday for practically a year, then took a period of time off where I did not post a blog for some months and now I’m in a grove with posting at least 3 times a week and some weeks more!

My blog content did make a shift in the last 6 months or so. I’m doing more post on me and pulling back on how much I share about the kids. Not for any particular reason, but I still feel like I share a lot about them though. I also started doing more “link-ups”, I always wanted to do them but never did…

But to answer the question, I am happy with my blog, there are a few things I want to change and I’ll do them when I get to it but love the season my blog is in right now!!!

What is the best blogging advice you’ve read or heard?

Write / type as if you are talking to you best girlfriend, sister, mom, aunt, grandma…write as if you are having a conversation.

Also let your personality come through in your writing, be genuine and it will come through it your work.

Also pictures…how many of you guys are guilty of just scrolling through my posts and just looking at the pictures and not the written words??!? 

…or go back later and read the words…?

It’s ok, raise your hands…people like pictures, clear-good quality pictures. I don’t mean everyone has to run out and get a dslr camera but, make sure your pictures you are sharing on your blog are nice and clear, that the focus is where you wanted it, majority of my photos lately are from my phone because my phone has an awesome camera on board.

I do love my dslr too…or you may of heard here, my big girl camera!

What is your most popular post?

This is my most popular post!!!

A peach blueberry dump cake that I almost didn’t photograph!?!

Here is a link to the recipe…it’s a must!!!

Thanks for reading my Happy 4 year Blog-I-Versary and for your continued reading!

Talk to ya soon, and if you have any questions for me about my blogging journey leave in the comment section below 🙂

Talk to ya soon,  


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  1. Vicki Elrod
    August 1, 2016 / 2:14 pm

    I love reading your blog! I find out things I didn't even know about you or what is going on with the family. I am so proud to tell people about your blog and encourage them to read it. Your doing an excellent job!

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