Happy Monday friends & family!

We had a fun weekend because the festival was in town. This is the biggest thing in our town all year long, they even give the kids half-day off on Friday to go celebrate! It takes over the whole town square and on Saturday they have a 5K in the morning, parade mid-morning, tents & vendors all day and music at night.

Jer and I never went in the evening to hear the music but I know a lot of people look forward to it…but I did run the 5K that morning!!!

This was the second 5K I’ve ran this year and I am not a runner, so I am always proud of myself for running at least 90% of the race. I have ran the last two races with my workout partner Abby and this month marks a year we have been working out together. 🙂

This is the second year the kids and I attended our town’s parade. Last year it was just Bryce, Maddie and I, this year it was Jer the kids & I and my Dad, Mom & Ty! 


During the parade my Sister called me on Google Hangout and Holly was able to watch a lot of the parade with us, it was like she was there too…although she is states away.

Maddie loved hearing the marching bands from our high school and local area high schools

This little army jeep was so cute!

Naomi loved seeing the horses!

This is my workout partner’s daughter & husband.

and the mini-horses!

After the parade was over it was time to walk with the fam-bam around the festival!

Where are you?!??

There they are!!!

The girls got personalized balloons with their names on them

After we walked around, bought festival food, it was time to go home…my legs were tired!

I workout pretty consistently 3 times a week but I never really run over a mile at anytime, so my legs needed a break.

When we got home it was a Happy-Mail-Day!

My favorite protein powder came in which I had been out of!

The “wallflowers” plug-ins from Bath & Body Works came in in my favorite scent, Leaves!!!

And Jer received a fun brick full of Reese’s candy from my Tia Rocky!

If you can’t tell Reese’s is Jarret’s favorite candy!

After bedtime for the girls, it was time for Bryce and I to cozy up and watch our favorite Saturday night show together, Dr. Dee Alaskan Vet!

That was our Saturday and we had a great festival weekend! 🙂

Now off to start another week-Have a Great Monday,


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  1. Kathy DeMoville
    September 13, 2016 / 12:58 am

    Super Saturday Fun! Looks like you all had a great time. Love seeing the pictures and sharing your life there.

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