Hi Everyone!

Wow did this week go by fast…I feel like I say this all the time but really, this one went by fast!?! 

One exciting thing happened this week, the weather made a real shift to Fall type weather, yayyyy! #fallisintheair 

This weekend Bryce has a project to do where he has to construct a Native American home out of materials he has found outside. He is actually pretty excited about this! He researched this in class and his group had a tribe that slept in wigwams, so he will be building that! I also am looking forward to enjoying this beautiful weather and being outside as much as possible!

*(I am coming back to update this post because Room on the Broom (link) has a little video on Amazon and you can watch it instantly if you are an Prime member! The kids and I watched it yesterday afternoon, it’s only 25 minutes long but it is true to the story! My girlfriend said it’s on Netflix too, check it out!)*

Here are my Favorites things this week!

One of my favorite set of children’s book has to be our collection of Halloween/Fall/Harvest books! I love Christmas books too but, we’ve definitely collected way more on the Fall front! Our two current faves are Room on the Broom and We’re off to Find the Witch’s House.  Both I would recommend, hands down! (Click on each title to purchase on Amazon!)

Jer grocery shopping with me during the day, while the big kids were still in school was for sure a highlight of the week! It’s always nice to spend time with him, I’m easy to please!

My Chicken Parmesan recipe was amazing and I could eat this everyday if I could!!?!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, click here.

Watching Bryce play football is for sure one of my favorites this week.

(He’s number 14)

His team has had three games so far and they’ve won all three, yayyy go Bryce!

Maddie made an appearance at Tuesday nights game and it required a lot of snacks, her laying under a blanket in the wagon watching Peppa Pig and asking 500 times why there weren’t any stars in the sky!?!? #gottalovemaddie

I love to read cookbooks!

I flip through all the pages looking at the pictures, then I read all the recipes as if I’m reading a novel.

#iamsocool #cookbooknerdsunite

 So my new cookbook that I just ordered from Amazon is called Eats it is geared towards your everyday cook, who wants to get meals on the table that everyone would like, but not break the bank! I’ve already made the pulled pork and the Butterfinger Blondies!

(The picture above I posted on Instagram and the author commented, heeeeyy)

Those are my Favorite things this week and I’ll see you on Monday, Have a Great Weekend!


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