Hi guys…I hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend!!?!

We spent majority of our long weekend laboring but, that’s okay, we got a lot of things accomplished this weekend with teamwork! 🙂


That’ll be one of those saying when the kids grow up they will say it to their kids or think…remember when Mom use to say that to us all the time?! haha

One of our biggest task were…

cleaning out calf crates!!!

They are such a big task, especially for one person. One day Jer and I tackled them, then Mom and I did a few, then Jer and I did a huge section of them yesterday.

It is m-a-n-u-e-l labor at its finest, shovel, pitch fork and wheel barrel.

Luckily we only have 3 crates left, as of today… 🙂

The girls loved checking on the newborn calves while I cleaned, especially Naomi!

Later that evening Bryce helped his Dad pressure wash the truck…Bryce loves a good pressure washer!

Saturday the kid and I went to the ranch to help my Dad & Jer move some heifers over to the other side of the road. 

They all went to the sorting corral.

We brought a handful home and sent the rest to a different pasture

Ty was at the ranch too, he was in the back planting a cover crop of wheat where the corn use to be! 

Oh yeah I think I forgot to mention we chopped the corn a few weeks ago?!

We had a custom crew chop it for us and make it into silage so we can feed it to the cows.

Sunday Jer had off and we wanted to explore a new park we’d never been too!

I think my favorite part about the whole day was watching Jer run the bases. 🙂 

Maddie enjoyed swinging…

All the kids enjoyed climbing the rock wall

and I think it’s fun for kids to explore other parks than their local one because then that can get BORING!

Then the “shutdown” came…Maddie was done with the park and wanted everyone else to be done too. 

We stayed for another 20 minutes, she didn’t want anyone to look at her, not even her Dad she said, lol!

Later that afternoon we came home, put the girls down for much needed naps and went outside, Bryce wanted me to watch him.

He climbed a tree and…

swung on his swing!

Sunday the girls spent the day playing outdoors, getting dirty and making “creations”!

Jer & I cleaned out another 5 crates in the calf barn and Bryce was out helping mow grass/weeds at the ranch with my parents.

We ALL earned our showers, that is for sure!!!

Have a great Tuesday, 


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  1. Kathy DeMoville
    September 6, 2016 / 5:23 pm

    Love seeing these pictures of you guys and hearing about your weekend. That park looks like a fun place for the kids.

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