Hey all…Happy Monday!

Over the weekend we celebrated Naomi’s 4th birthday!!! Her birthday was on Saturday so we actually celebrated on her special day. On Friday we brought little mini-cupcakes, 12 vanilla & 12 chocolate, (remember she doesn’t like choc.) so we covered everyone in her preschool class and they sang to her and gave her this crown to feel special!

She wore her birthday hat for the rest of the day Friday!

Like I said on Saturday we celebrated…

I made sausage & potatoes for lunch, something easy to make but also filing for the guys because they had just came in from getting cows from the ranch.

For her cake I made a box Halloween Funfetti cake and doctored it up. If you want it to taste more homemade or from a bakery you:

add 1 extra egg

replace the water for milk

replace the oil for melted butter

and decrease the heat to 325°F.

The kids could not wait until it was cake time…

I would say her first birthday with us was a success!

*Thank you everyone who sent her present or wished her a Happy Birthday*


Dairy Life Lately has been busy as usual…

If you ask any farmer, rancher or dairyman there is always something that needs to be done or fixed!

This week one of my main goals was to take down the pool. The kids were not happy about it but it is officially Autumn and the pool was just a temporary one, maybe next year I’ll get something more permanent…?!??

These heifers were curious to see what I was doing and I have no idea why I didn’t take a picture while I was taking the pool down or when the grass area was empty!


Everyday the calves get their water buckets emptied and fresh water put in. On this particular day I hadn’t finished that chore before Naomi got of out preschool and she likes to help, so it was her job to fill these two buckets.

Yum…cold, fresh water!

This summer has been a bad summer for eye problems in calves, so Jer had his medicating belt on and we were takin care of babies!

Friday evening my Dad & Ty went and picked up our first load of silage for the cows!

It was chopped a little over a month ago.

This was exciting and a milestone for us because this was our first corn crop we planted and are now being able to reap the reward of everyone’s hard work!  

One of the evenings I came out of the barn from washing the pipeline after the milking was done to these crazies running around with Nerf guns…I guess that’s what you get when brother babysits!?! haha…

Knowledge on a farm is sometimes dangerous…lol


Calves are curious…

and so is this fresh Momma cow trying to call her baby!

Jer asked me to drive for him so he could shovel out silage for the dry cows.

Sunday nights dinner was homemade chicken parmesan and Bryce couldn’t wait another second…he just kept smelling and calling dibs!

This may look alarming to you but any food blogger or blogger for that matter with do what they need to for a good shot…especially for the lighting! 🙂

Don’t worry…I will have the recipe up later this week! 😉

Have a great Monday,


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